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  1. 1. Planning Magazine title, genre, cover price, frequency of publication, contents, length. Name of magazine: Broken Stix. For the logo I will design the ‘x’ at the end of stix to be two drum sticks creating a cross. Genre of music in the magazine: Indie rock, as I know this to be a popular genre of music within my target audience. It also provides lots of things to write about as the amount of range within indie rock is extensive. Cover Price: £ 2.75, due to the results from my target audience survey as any more than £ 3 seemed too expensive however the magazine would still need to turn a profit so £ 2.75 was a reasonable price. Frequency of publication: Monthly, as weekly seemed too often and people may feel they need to be too dedicated to buy it every week. Annually would also be too little and people may lose interest. This also gives customers enough time to purchase the issue, the magazine will also be available online throughout the month (for purchase). Contents of the magazine: My magazine will feature gig guides for big upcoming gigs around the country spanning all genres, as in my audience research they were voted the most relevant feature in a music magazine. Reviews of new albums, songs, gigs etc. will also be a feature of my magazine, as I believe my target audience care about what is currently ‘in’. Another important but less frequent feature of my magazine will be ‘Top 100 lists’ as they are an effective way of filling space whilst they are also very entertaining, which was expressed by my target audience in my audience
  2. 2. survey. The double page spread I am going to produce will include an interview with a band. Length of the magazine: 120 pages, as it is only going to be released monthly it doesn’t need to be extensively long, so 120 pages will be a sufficient amount to fit in all the important relevant music news.