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Lesson one power point 3

  1. 1. Lesson One Introduction and Examples
  2. 2. Contents Page • • • • • • • • • Lesson Objectives Hardware Input Examples Output Examples Process? Computer System Example Main Activity Summary Help
  3. 3. Lesson Objectives At the end of this session you will be able to: • Identify input and output devices • Explore the process for computer system and their devices Before we begin I would like you to introduce one of my friends who actually uses computer systems within themselves! Meet Cathy the computer! Hi! I am Cathy and during this session I will join Ipso in supporting you to complete the lesson
  4. 4. Hardware There are two main parts to a computer: hardware and software. Hardware is the computer equipment. A single piece of hardware is called a device. There are four main types of device: • Input device • Central Processing Unit (CPU) • Storage Device • Output Device
  5. 5. Input Examples Take a look at the examples above of how computer systems input.
  6. 6. Output Examples Take a look at the examples above of how computer systems output. Please complete Activity One. (On Moodle)
  7. 7. Process? So we have provided you with examples of inputs And examples of outputs but we have not shown you the process. The next slide will look at the one process a computer system device goes through.
  8. 8. Computer System Example Keys are pressed on the keyboard Which the CPU process and makes sense of And the keys pressed are displayed on the monitor
  9. 9. Main Activity From the examples shared in this PowerPoint it is your task to contribute to the class forum, providing an example of a COMPUTER SYSTEM, showing what the input, process and output of this would be. (the Forum will close by 12 noon 3rd February) Please note if another person has posted your idea you will have to think of another one. So the sooner you do it the better! Remember if you are in Group B you will need to complete the activity above but also complete Activity Three!
  10. 10. Summary So what have we learnt this lesson? • There are two main parts to a computer: hardware and software • There are four main hardware devices: Input, CPU, storage and output devices • There are many computers that have these devices including computers that we use in school, pelican crossing on the road, and scanners and tills at the shop! Homework For next lesson you will need to upload a picture of a device that uses a computer system. The collaborative board is at the bottom of this Moodle page. You must also begin your Learning Journey Journal
  11. 11. Help Read the slides again and see if that helps! Are you struggling with the images? = BARCODE SCANNER = KEYBOARD = WEBCAM MOUSE We encourage you to use resources such as books, internet and peers. If you are still struggling then you can contact Miss Lewis using the contact details at the bottom of the Moodle page TOASTER = PILCAN CROSSING = = = TILL SCREEN = TOASTER AND TOAST