Day 4 21 cc presentation round 2 april 29 for slideshare


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Career Development Meeting

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  • Day 4 21 cc presentation round 2 april 29 for slideshare

    1. 1. 21st Century Competencies Day 4 Workshop
    2. 2. Agenda: Action Plan:  Finalize your/our artifact  Forward copy of artifact to Vanessa Sandbox “Tech” Time:  Revisit tech from Day 3  Follow up Questions? Next steps:  Stay tuned for information on SWSD “e-book”  Where do we go from here?  Reflecting on workshops  Feedback form for Day 4 CD PLT Meeting:  Plan to accomplish remaining goals
    3. 3. Reflection on 2013/14 Learning…
    4. 4. Our Plan – 21 CC What do I plan to do? By June 2014, our Career Development PLT Team will investigate processes and tools in support of the creation of Career Development e-Portfolios while incorporating the competencies of critical thinking and collaboration. What have I done? Last school year, our Sun West Career Development PLT Team worked collaboratively to create paper-based CD Portfolio Exemplars (3 in total) to be used by CD Teachers and students when helping young people build their CD portfolios from Grades 10 through 12. Where am I now? As a group, we have the exemplars and access to Career Cruising, and our new Office 365 suite as resources. We come to this year’s goal with various levels of knowledge, experience and expertise with the Career Development program, CD portfolios, and with the concept if e- portfolios. Where do I need to go? As a group, we need to better map out our goal and determine our plan then figure out a way to document, share, and reflect on findings while keeping in mind the need for us and our students to create a publishable artifact. How am I going to get there? As a team, we will work towards the common goal by focusing on one another’s strengths. All team members will contribute to our overall goal. (Respect ideas, collaborate as a team, employ effective research skills, engage in positive communication, utilize relevant tech tools, engage in positive digital citizenship, embrace lifelong learning). How will I know I have arrived? As a team, we will create a reflective showcase of our findings and suggestions for use with students next school year. We have a target of having select students create a reflective post- career fair eportfolio artifact involving critical thinking and collaboration.
    5. 5. The Artifact Sun West Artifact Criteria – The “Must Haves”  curriculum outcome(s) that were connected to your plan  subject area(s) and grade levels where you implemented your plan  summary of your plan for integrating critical thinking and/or collaboration into your classroom this year  attach lesson plan and/or unit plan  reference sources
    6. 6. Artifact Optional Ideas Additional Items (Optional)  Assessment tool that you used (needs to reflect the Sun West assessment guidelines)  Photo that demonstrates the work in action or a picture of the product  Video link that demonstrates the work in action  Links to your blogs, wikis, web pages, Fotobabbles, etc.
    7. 7. Best Suited for ELEMENTARY Found on Google Chrome: Snapguide Game & Craft Ideas: Augmented Reality Do It Yourself! 4 Pictures 1 Word How to… Body Breaks: 4 Pictures 1 Word
    8. 8. Best suited for MIDDLE YEARS/HIGH SCHOOL Found on Google Chrome: WeVideo Snapguide Do It Yourself! How to… Collaboration & Presentations: Augmented Reality: Others: om/watch?v=EGMjsY HD7Ak&feature=youtu. be
    9. 9. Tech Time Career Cruising: 1. Career Development Portfolios Grade 10 through 12 2. Resource to support both Traditional and e-Portfolios
    10. 10. Tech Time Office 365 Suite: 1. One Drive
    11. 11. Tech Time - Artifact Live Binders: 1. Sample 2. Jerzy Lang Sample
    12. 12. Tech Time Linkedin: 1. Discussion/Experiences
    13. 13. Tech Time Smartboards: 1. Tools 2. Senteos
    14. 14. Tech Time Bridgit: 1. How to use it 2. Benefits of online conferencing 3. Troubleshooting: technology wiki
    15. 15. Tech Time: Onedrive: 1. How to use it 2. Benefits of online collaboration 3. Troubleshooting
    16. 16. Tech Time: Adobe: 1. Where to find it 2. Creative and Collaborative opportunities 3. Curriculum connections
    17. 17. Tech Time Online Resources:
    18. 18. Day 4 21 CC
    19. 19. Reflection & Feedback 21 CC Padlet Reflection Thank you for your investment in 21 Century Competencies! Click to add text
    20. 20. CD PLT Meeting 1. Career Fair 2. ePortfolios (and Portfolios) 3. Wiki/Blog/Moodle 4. Matters of Business 5. Learning Together 6. Wrap up and Evaluation
    21. 21. Career Fair 2014 By June 2014, our Career Development PLT Team will organize, implement, and evaluate the fourth Sun West School Division ROADS TO SUCCESS Career Fair offered to Grade 10 and 11 students. Tuesday, May 6 (setup May 5) Rosetown, SK
    22. 22. Career Fair 2014 Thank you’s Followup document - beginnings Reflections Ideas/Plan for documenting our goal.
    23. 23. ePortfolios and Portfolios Mitch Harrison Jerzy
    24. 24. Wiki/Blog/Moodle Updates and Planning Career Connectors Wiki Career Connectors Blog CWEX Moodle Courses
    25. 25. Matters of Business Correspondence Supplies Walkthroughs Teacher Professional Development Portfolio What is on your mind? - CWEX (certificates, surveys, etc.) - Career Counselling - Career Education - Apprenticeship - Career Development Satisfaction Survey - Remainder of this Year/Next Year
    26. 26. Learning Together
    27. 27. Wrap Up Upcoming Meetings: CD PLT Meetings - BRIDGIT – Day 2’s – to finalize CD Goals and Reflections CD LEAD Teacher Meeting – June 3 – Rosetown or Loreburn? Evaluation & Safe Travel Home