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Day 3 21 cc workshop cd focus entire day slideshare


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Career Development Itinerant Teacher Meeting Notes

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Day 3 21 cc workshop cd focus entire day slideshare

  1. 1. 21st Century Competencies Day 3 Workshop
  2. 2. Agenda: 1. Our Plan: • Revisit our CD Action Plan for 21st Century Competencies • Share and Reflect on our own sample Artifact that we were to prepare for the meeting. (Round Table) • Critical Thinking Reflection regarding Artifact. • 21 CC Artifact Criteria and Review Samples 2. Tech Time: ● Revisit Tech Tools and share online resources to support professional development ● Teachers explore/share online resources, tech tools, apps and how they connect to our plan. Time for planning, collaborating, supporting our CD Action Plan. 3. Action Plans: ● Regroup and reflect on progress ● Set goal(s) to continue to meet/plan 4. Reflect onWorkshop/ Feedback Form for Day 3 5. CD PLT Meeting
  3. 3. Our Plan – 21 CC What do I plan to do? By June 2014, our Career Development PLT Team will investigate processes and tools in support of the creation of Career Development e-Portfolios while incorporating the competencies of critical thinking and collaboration. What have I done? Last school year, our Sun West Career Development PLT Team worked collaboratively to create paper-based CD Portfolio Exemplars (3 in total) to be used by CD Teachers and students when helping young people build their CD portfolios from Grades 10 through 12. Where am I now? As a group, we have the exemplars and access to Career Cruising, and our new Office 365 suite as resources. We come to this year’s goal with various levels of knowledge, experience and expertise with the Career Development program, CD portfolios, and with the concept if e- portfolios. Where do I need to go? As a group, we need to better map out our goal and determine our plan then figure out a way to document, share, and reflect on findings while keeping in mind the need for us and our students to create a publishable artifact. How am I going to get there? As a team, we will work towards the common goal by focusing on one another’s strengths. All team members will contribute to our overall goal. (Respect ideas, collaborate as a team, employ effective research skills, engage in positive communication, utilize relevant tech tools, engage in positive digital citizenship, embrace lifelong learning). How will I know I have arrived? As a team, we will create a reflective showcase of our findings and suggestions for use with students next school year. We have a target of having select students create a reflective post- career fair eportfolio artifact involving critical thinking and collaboration.
  4. 4. Artifact Share and Reflect Task (as emailed out as meeting prep): Choose an artifact that provides evidence of something you have learned since the beginning of the school year. Come prepared to share your reflection.
  5. 5. Artifact Triangulation of Evidence Let’s talk about listening to students talk (have conversations) about their product(s) can help them explain what they knew and/or understood. How can these conversations lead to increased teacher knowledge about student learning? “Gather evidence from multiple sources over time. When we triangulate our evidence and collect it over time, valuing both qualitative and quantitative evidence of learning, we can be confident our findings are reliable and valid. We are then able to share our findings, using evidence people value.” - Anne Davies, Beth Parrott Reynolds, and Sandra Herbst Observations Products/PerformancesConversations
  6. 6. Artifact Share and Reflect Buddy up with someone Enter into a conversation about your artifact. Consider these questions (take about 3 minutes/question): 1. Describe the artifact. 2. What does this artifact provide evidence of? 3. In what ways does the artifact provide evidence of how you teach or lead? 4. In what ways does this artifact provide evidence of how you learn? 5. In what ways does your artifact connect to an idea that we have talked about during our time together? (Today or this year…)
  7. 7. Artifact Critical Thinking Reflect on Questions 1. Describe the artifact. 2. What does this artifact provide evidence of? 3. In what ways does the artifact provide evidence of how you teach or lead? 4. In what ways does this artifact provide evidence of how you learn? 5. In what ways does your artifact connect to an idea that we have talked about during our time together? (Today or this year…) What do you notice? Can you make connections to Bloom’s Taxonomy?
  8. 8. Artifact Critical Thinking In thinking about our CD work with students in the form of CD portfolios both traditional and electronic, let’s talk about the types of questions we could ask our student learners in order to have them think and talk about a piece of their work or their learning process.
  9. 9. The 21 CC Artifact • "Knowledge often comes to us via transcribed content or artifacts, which is derived from other's knowledge. These are facts, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles (Clark & Chopeta, 2004). Thus, artifacts are used in the learning process for creating knowledge, while in turn, knowledge creates new artifacts." – Don Clark • Strengthening teaching practices and positively impacting student learning is a constant goal of professional development. During the 2013-14 school year, 100% of Sun West teachers have been given an additional two days to work with their Learning Coaches to enhance critical thinking and collaboration skills in the classroom. • As the culmination of the Sun West School Division's focus on the 21st Century Competencies, educators across the Division are submitting an educational artifact as a way to collectively showcase our achievements this year. The artifacts are intended to represent the many ways in which teachers were able to take what they learned this year and apply it to their classrooms. Students in every grade level, in every subject, have benefitted from the focus on critical thinking and opportunities for increased collaboration.
  10. 10. The 21 CC Artifact Please use the following criteria for submitting your own artifact this year: • Provide a brief summary of action plan (e.g. goal). • Summarize how you integrated critical thinking and collaboration. • Identify curriculum outcomes connected to the plan. • Identify subject area and grade levels connected to plan. • Include student feedback (their reactions if possible) • Attach lesson and/or unit plan, picture or video, link to blog, etc. • Be sure to reference sources.
  11. 11. The 21 CC Artifact Discussion
  12. 12. The 21 CC Artifact Connection to Technology Are there any tech tools that might support the reflection process in relation to CD portfolios and/or our 21 CC Artifact? Think Critical Thinking and Collaboration!
  13. 13. Tech Time Career Cruising: 1. Career Development Portfolios Grade 10 through 12 2. Resource to support both Traditional and e-Portfolios
  14. 14. Tech Time Office 365 Suite: 1. One Drive
  15. 15. Tech Time - Artifact Live Binders: 1. Sample 2. Jerzy Lang Sample
  16. 16. Tech Time Linkedin: 1. Discussion/Experiences
  17. 17. Tech Time Smartboards: 1. Tools 2. Senteos
  18. 18. Tech Time Bridgit: 1. How to use it 2. Benefits of online conferencing 3. Troubleshooting: technology wiki
  19. 19. Tech Time: Onedrive: 1. How to use it 2. Benefits of online collaboration 3. Troubleshooting
  20. 20. Tech Time: Adobe: 1. Where to find it 2. Creative and Collaborative opportunities 3. Curriculum connections
  21. 21. Tech Time Online Resources:
  22. 22. Tech Time Teacher Sharing:
  23. 23. Tech Time Sharing Ideas from Teachers:
  24. 24. Action Plan Ask yourself: 1. Where am I at? 2. Where do I need to go? 3. What do I need to get there?
  25. 25. Reflection & Feedback 1. Share with the group where you are at. 2. Technology Feedback 3. Complete the Day 3 Feedback Form QhpDQttv81wWvDPeTPbIcQRaW4M7IA1Rmhh2Y/edit
  26. 26. CD PLT Meeting 1. Career Fair 2. Wiki/Blog/Moodle 3. Matters of Business 4. Learning Together 5. Wrap up and Evaluation
  27. 27. Career Fair 2014 By June 2014, our Career Development PLT Team will organize, implement, and evaluate the fourth Sun West School Divisino ROADS TO SUCCESS Career Fair offered to Grade 10 and 11 students. Tuesday, May 6 (setup May 5) Rosetown, SK
  28. 28. Career Fair 2014 Updates Pre/During/Post Discussions Who is interested in helping with what?
  29. 29. Wiki/Blog/Moodle Updates and Planning Career Connectors Wiki Career Connectors Blog CWEX Moodle Courses
  30. 30. Matters of Business What is on your mind? - CWEX - Career Counselling - Career Education Let’s Talk!
  31. 31. Learning Together Ted Talk: How to find and do work you love! (as shared by Blair)
  32. 32. Wrap Up Upcoming Meetings: CD PLT BRIDGIT MEETING – re. Career Fair – Day 2 - CD LEAD Teacher Meeting – April 2 - Kenaston CD PLT Meeting - May 16 CD LEAD Teacher Meeting – June 3 – Rosetown Evaluation & Safe Travel Home