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Career development team march 9 2012 for slideshare

  1. 1. Career Connectors“Putting The CD Puzzle Together – A Piece At A Time!” March 9, 2012 9:30 to 3:30 DO Board Room
  2. 2. Agenda• Icebreakers• Putting the CD Puzzle Together – A Piece at a Time – Procedures Review• Pulling out Puzzle Pieces – Middle Level Career Education – Career Counselling – Apprenticeship – Career Fair• Wrap up and Safe Travel Home Breaks and Lunch will be taken when needed.
  3. 3. “Putting The CD PuzzleTogether – A Piece At A Time!”• The members of our CD Team are an integral part of the Career Development Puzzle. How well do we know our team?• Your Skills contribute to our Career Development Puzzle… On first post-it note: Indicate 1 highlight from our recent February Break. (not work related). On second post-it note: Indicate 1 or 2 highlights in your Career Development role since our last Career Connector LEAD Teacher meeting. Submit Post-it notes to Vanessa Puzzle Pieces Activity
  4. 4. “Putting The CD PuzzleTogether – A Piece At A Time!”• Middle Level Career Education (6-9)• Career Counselling – Counselling for Grade 10, 11, and 12 Students – Career Development Portfolios, CAPS/COPS/COPES Inventories, Career Counselling Individual and Group Sessions, SYA, Lead CD Teacher, CD Lead Teacher meetings, CD PLT meetings, etc.• Career and Work Exploration (CWEX)• Apprenticeship Credits• Job Shadows Procedures Review Team Activity
  5. 5. Career Counselling What’s on your mind? Time for Career Connecting and piecing together the puzzle. •New Math Requirements •Career Cruising •What’s new at post-sec institutions •How can I better utilize wiki/blog? •Tips to conduct parent/teacher/student interviews. •Record keeping •Ways to communicate/share with parents/public. •A day in the life •Etc…
  6. 6. Apprenticeship Broadcast• Ministry of Education Broadcast on Apprenticeship, SYA, etc. – 12012/classprolearn20112012.asp
  7. 7. WCB Presentations• NAOSH Week – North America Occupational Safety and Health Week. – May 7th to 11th, 2012• Curtis Weber –
  8. 8. Career Fair• Updates – Agenda – Opening Session – Presenters, Displayers, Interactives• Divide and Conquer• Work Time• Deadlines
  9. 9. Matters of Business• June Meeting – portfolios bring some for sharing…thoughts for next year’s portfolio. - please take some time to note anything that needs updating on wiki/blog.• Picture of TEAM• PD• My Blueprint March 26 th webinar at 12 noon. Anyone interested in joining me via internet connection?• Career Connector Wiki and Blog – I will post a follow-up to this meeting, please comment.
  10. 10. Dates to Remember• Walkthroughs – Round 1 November – Round 2 March – Round 3 June• CD PLT dates (itinerants and Kevin) – March? (Career Fair planning by Bridgit?) – May 18 (Moodle/Career Fair post)• Career Connector LEAD Teacher Meetings – March 9 – April 24 – Career Fair (some help with setup on 23rd). – June 7th
  11. 11. FeedbackI came expecting… I got…I valued… I want more/less of…Something I will continue to work on and how…
  12. 12. Career Connectors“Putting The CD Puzzle Together – A Piece At A Time!” Thank you for your participation!