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  • Career Development is a proactive approach you take to create the work and life you desire…It is a lifelong process of learning and growing. Career development enables you to make informed educational, occupational, and employment choices. It is an ongoing process. As career teachers and counselors, we make a difference to our students in terms of life and work choices. By helping students, we are not only enabling them to attain meaningful careers, but we are enhancing their ability to become productive, contributing members of society.
    Our youth are making uninformed career decisions, which might affect them through their lifetime
    As our labour force ages, people are not prepared for later stages of their career and life.
    Career development is not a one-time event. Rather, it is linked to every aspect from birth onward.
    Career development applies to everyone at every age and stage in life. It takes a “whole-person” approach so that clients can effectively:
    Determine a career path, prepare for world of work
    Complete a career transition – career change or job change
    Ensure career management – focus on employability throughout work and life.

    When we know value, we gain confidence, when we explore options – we make informed choices; when we plan actions – we set reachable goals; when we create our future – we are in control of work and life.

  • Career development lead teachers meeting april 2, 2014 kenaston for slideshare

    1. 1. Career Development LEAD Teachers April 2, 2014 Kenaston, SK Slide design by
    2. 2. Agenda A second line of text could go here 1 2 3 4 Welcome Distance Education Lunch Career Development PLT
    3. 3. CD Model Add a subtitle here The CD Model we reviewed at our last meeting. A link to this model has been added to our Career Connectors Wiki
    4. 4. CD LEAD Teacher Role - Middle Level Career Education - Career and Work Exploration - Career Counselling for Grade 10 to 12 Students - Grade 10 through 12 Portfolio Building - CAPS/COPS/COPES Inventories Gr 11 - Individual and Group Counseling Gr 11 and 12 - Scholarships - CD Communication with Students/Parents Just a refresher!
    5. 5. CD LEAD Teacher Role - Support of various initiatives (TOKW, Apprenticeship, Job Shadows, SYA, etc.) - Organize and implement locally needed CD options - Career Fair (every other year) - Active participation in CD LEAD Teacher meetings - Support of Career Development Goals - And the list goes on… Thank you for supporting students with life/career exploration opportunities.
    6. 6. CD Goals 2013-2014 - Wiki/Blog - CWEX Moodle - Career Fair - 21st CC – ePortfolio Focus - Artifact Thank you for supporting these initiatives. Let’s stay focused till the end of June in order to meet our goals!
    7. 7. CD Portfolio Reflection In thinking about your life/career, what do you wish you would have kept better track of?
    8. 8. CD ePortfolio Reflection Helen Barrett – Ted Talk “Story”
    9. 9. - Agenda - Presenter/Displayer/Interactive - “Pre” Teacher/Student Package - Video ~ “Once Upon A Future” - Set (Can Pre and Post be linked – think theme – artifact – how to showcase?) - Other details: Session Descriptions, Online Sign-up Form, Colour Groups, Bus Schedule, Agenda, Travel Forms - Timelines – April 9th? Planning Time What else needs to be in ‘pre’ material? How should we proceed? ROADS TO SUCCESS Career Fair & 21 CC
    10. 10. ROADS TO SUCCESS Career Fair & 21 CC - Kevin – RCHS prep - Denise – CD Table/Booth Display prep - Information for Screens at School - - Scavenger Hunt – - Green Screen - - Post – All – but what could it look like? Planning Time What else needs to be in ‘pre’ material? How should we proceed?
    11. 11. CD Updates and Learning Together - Saskatchewan CD Web Initiative Project - Sun West CD Website - College of Nursing Presentations - Time to Collaborate and Communicate What are some “Hot Topics” in Career Development?
    12. 12. CD Updates and Learning Together
    13. 13. CD TEAM Picture Are we finally ready for our selfie?
    14. 14. CD LEAD Teacher Dates - CD LEAD Teacher Meetings - June 3 (post Career Fair) - CD PLT Dates - April 10 (online BRIDGIT meeting) - May 16 (post Career Fair) - Ongoing - Working towards Goals – 21st Century CC (eportfolios), Career Fair, Moodle, Wiki/Blog We will all have to work towards our shared goals between meetings. Please contact Vanessa if you have any ideas/questions about anything.