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Career development lead teacher meeting


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Career development lead teacher meeting

  1. 1. Career DevelopmentCareer ConnectorLead Teacher MeetingDecember 19, 2011rescheduled to January 19, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome (thank you) CWEX/Apprenticeship Credenda Service Best – starring Jill Long Canadian School Counsellor Distance Courses – with special guest Darren Gasper! Lunch Career Fair – Working Groups Career Connections – Working Groups Celebrations Final Activities  Optional Gift Exchange  Updates and Dates to Remember  Exit Slip and Closing Activities Safe Travel Home
  3. 3. CWEX/ApprenticeshipHow comfortable are you with similarities/differences between our CWEX and Apprenticeship programs? Fist to 5! Be honest!
  4. 4. CredendaAre you a Teacher, Career Developer or a Guidance Counselor?My name is Steve Winkler and I am the Career and GuidanceCounselor with Credenda Virtual High School. We are pleased tohave your students taking classes with Credenda and our hope isthat their experience with Credenda is a positive one. I want tointroduce you to our Monthly Student Assembly for 2011-2012. Ouron-line Assembly is geared specifically towards career informationfor the student. Every month in the school year Credenda features aspecial career speaker (live and on-line). Our speakers are currentlyworking in various careers and provide a unique inside look at thefeatured career for that month. All sessions are recorded andarchived on the Credenda website for easy reference. Your studentsor clients can watch the presentation at any time and anywhere, orthey can log in and listen to the live presentation for that month. Ifyou know someone who can benefit from the presentation, theninvite them to listen in. Its a simple log in, seamless and very easy.
  5. 5. Service Best TrainingStarring Jill Long
  6. 6. Canadian School CounsellorStraight Talk On Funding Higher EducationTechniques to De-stressSecondary School Students and Social Media Sites: Red FlagsGreen Careers 1. Choose an article of interest. 2. Read/view article on your own. 3. Group with others who read the same article. 4. When ready, each person is to “Say Something” about what they have read/viewed…. Content Idea, Critique, Question, Connections, etc.
  7. 7. Distance Education• Starring Darren Gasper
  8. 8. Career FairUpdatesDivide and ConquerWork time
  9. 9. Career ConnectionsInteractive Career Practitioner Resource Group• Blog –• Wiki –
  10. 10. CelebrationsTOKW 2011 Volunteer basis Results Pre/during/post activity discussionRegional Career Days/Nights Please share your experiencesOther Great Career Development Activities Please share – don’t be shy!
  11. 11. All I Want for Christmas
  12. 12. UpdatesCD PD ProposalCWEX CertificatesSkilled Trades   Presentation and Educator’s Guide SK Trends Monitor Scholarships and Info Career Cruising
  13. 13. Dates to Remember Walkthroughs  Round 1 – November  Round 2 – Mar  Round 3 - June CD PLT dates (Itinerants and Kevin)  January 30th (Moodle/Career Fair pre)  Day in Feb or March (Career Fair pre)  May 18 (Moodle/Career Fair post) Career Connector LEAD Teacher Meetings  March 9  April 24 – Career Fair (Some will help setup on 23rd)  June 7
  14. 14. Exit Slip Career Connectors: Add reflective comment toDecember 19th Blog Post and set a short-term goal involving contribution to the Wiki or Blog.
  15. 15. Name: ______________My Career Connectors Exit Slip Plan:
  16. 16. “Feeling gratitude and notexpressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward Your assistance in helping students with the life/career development process is of significantimportance as is your contribution to this CD Team. Thanks for all you do! Enjoy the magic of the festive season! Sincerely, Vanessa