SharePoint as digital service platform


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SharePoint as digital service platform

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 as aDigital Service Platform Nir Levy CTO, Realcommerce MRS DMP, Microsoft
  2. 2. the internet today
  3. 3. Self ServiceComponents
  4. 4. Self Service Components• General public service• Registration• Authentication and authorization• Multi tenancy• Integrations• Mobile• Social
  5. 5. General Public Service• FAQ and Help Screens• Troubleshooting Wizard• Strong Search Capabilities
  6. 6. Start Process: Registration Insert IMTSIGetting the users in - Registration Unique Identifier Email New password Confirm new password Captcha details Get User details from• Self Registration CRM and Verifying IMTSI and Unique Identifier in No CRM• CRM Integration Yes Is the input valid?• Separate Logic from Presentation Check if• CRM:webLoginUserNa No Users repository me is not empty Creating User in AD: AD.IMTSI =CRM:ContactRef.IMTSI• Support multi-tennancy AD.Username = Email AD.Password= new Password AD.UniqueID = UniqueID Yes Is AD add user No & user already exist No & general failure successfully Yes Updating User details in CRM: CRM:webLoginUserName = Email Site does silent login to user Output screen: Output screen: user is Sending email error message already registered message to Email message Output screen: My BPLC Home Page Display registration success notification End Process
  7. 7. Getting the users in - Authentication• Single Sign On• Leverage Identity Foundation • Claims Based Authentication • Support for SAML 2.0• Users Repository
  8. 8. Integrations• Use an application server to handle BL• Use an EAI service to handle integrations• Online Integrations• Offline Integrations Website App Server Backend1 E A I App DB Backend2
  9. 9. Integration Examples• Billing• CRM • Call status • Open calls • Change details• LOB data
  10. 10. Integrating with the Marketing Site• One site to serve both Self Service and Marketing • Unified user experience • Single CMS for everything • Ability to mix content and service• Separate Marketing and Self Service Sites • Support for secured/public network zones • Different physical locations
  11. 11. • Self Service and Marketing Site Same URL Single SSL Single MasterPage Breadcrumbs Marketing Data Personal Data
  12. 12. • Self Service and Marketing Site Banner Banner Personal Details Personal Messages WebPart WebPart WebPart WebPart
  13. 13. • Self Service Standalone Different URL SSL Different MasterPage No Breadcrumbs Marketing Data (Site Level) Personal Data
  14. 14. • Self Service Standalone Banner WebPart Banner WebPart Personal Details News WebPart WebPart FAQ WebPart
  15. 15. MobileSelf Service
  16. 16. Mobile Self Service Versions• Responsive web design• Dedicated mobile site• Mobile adaptation of current site• Mobile apps
  17. 17. Responsive web design• Focus on Web access• One Site fits all 320px 600px 900px Wider• Difficult to design but easier to maintain• Good for new sites
  18. 18. Dedicated mobile site• Two different site-collections• WebPart level customizations Mobile Site collection Web Site Collection• Greater business flexibility• Good for existing and new sites
  19. 19. Mobile Adaptation• Website adapted to mobile by external system• No change to existing site Mobile Adaptation MobileSpear Adapted Mobile Site Web Site collection• Simple setup• Good for existing sites
  20. 20. Mobile Application• Standalone app, possibly hybrid• Uses application server or website as backend• Complex setup• Good for frequent or recurring use
  21. 21. LeveragingSocial Networks
  22. 22. Self Service in Facebook• Pushing feeds to social networks• Creating facebook pages and apps• Using facebook chat
  23. 23. Architecture
  24. 24. Logical ArchitectureAuthentication & Authorization Cross Channel CMS Presentation Layer Application Layer EAI Platform CRM Billing LOBs
  25. 25. MobileDesktop EAI Social Billing LOB1
  26. 26. Wrap Up
  27. 27. Self Service Components• General public service• Registration & Authentication• Integrations• Mobile• Social
  28. 28. Thank YouNir Levy,CTO, RealCommerceMRS DMP,