Using RSS to Post Jobs to Multiple Channels


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How EPA uses an RSS feed from to automatically share its job openings via its website, Twitter, and email.

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Using RSS to Post Jobs to Multiple Channels

  1. 1. Using RSS to Post Jobs: EPA’s Case Jeffrey Levy November 4, 2013
  2. 2. Why Post Jobs? • Very popular link on home page – Top 10 click (others include search and contact us) • Job listings page on our website is popular: 500-700 views/day • On Facebook, people asked for job openings
  3. 3. Why Not Post Jobs? • Resource intensive to maintain: fast-changing • Especially challenging to create and maintain multiple channels • High visibility if we miss something, including: – Not posting all jobs – Leaving a job up that’s closed – Missing some detail on a particular listing
  4. 4. Solution: RSS • • • • • RSS is a plain text file best created automatically One file, so the same information everywhere Fire and forget: once set up, zero maintenance Easy to add new channels, edit existing ones Each channel is independent of others We use OPM’s RSS feed from
  5. 5. Same Info, Different Channels Email Job Listings Page Careers home page Twitter USAJOBS
  6. 6. EPA Sends to Three Channels • EPA website – Careers home page: – Page specifically for job listings: – RSS URL also listed directly • Twitter: @EPAjobs: – 4500 followers • Email subscription via GovDelivery signup box on EPA website – 52,000 subscribers (3rd most popular EPA topic)
  7. 7. How to Start • Get the OPM job search RSS feed • Decide where you want to send job listings: – – – – – – – Website Twitter Email (find a system that can autosend based on RSS) Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Others?
  8. 8. How to Finish • Research each potential channel – Is it possible to send an RSS feed an auto-post? – How do you actually do it? Research before deciding to use something – Any intermediate sites needed (e.g., Twitterfeed to send to Twitter)? – Any restrictions in TOS prevent autoposting? • Implement and check every once in a while • Advertise! – List all channels on your website – Link to your website from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, listserves – Share website URL in email signature block, paper materials, etc.
  9. 9. Getting the RSS Feed 1. Advanced search on
  10. 10. Setting up Your Search • EPA uses nothing in the top section • Location: we leave blank to include all jobs, but this could be relevant to your office
  11. 11. Agency Search Options • Agency search: choose top-level agency or branch, then subagency, or • For several organizations: – Choose one of the last two options – Then choose agency • Must click “add” after each choice to include it.
  12. 12. Select Other Options • Occupational series: leave blank to include all • Applicant eligibility: leave “no” checked to include jobs open to non-feds • Sort results: choose “date” • Other settings as you choose • Click “Search Jobs”
  13. 13. Select Other Options
  14. 14. Getting the RSS Feed 2. On the search results page, click the link on the left to “RSS Feed of This Search” and copy the URL of the page that comes up. Note: the URL will work as long as it’s used, but will vanish after 3 years of not being used
  15. 15. Autoposting to Website • Decide what you want to do on the site – Dedicated page just for job listings? – Pages that also serve other purposes? – Multiple pages? • EPA’s choice: – dedicated page: – careers site home page: • How? Work with coder – EPA uses Javascript to convert RSS to HTML
  16. 16. Autoposting to Email • Decide what you want to do in email: – Dedicated listserve? – Send to a listserve that has other purposes – Send to multiple lists? • EPA’s choice: Dedicated listserve • How? Work with listserve provider – EPA uses GovDelivery:
  17. 17. Autoposting to Twitter • Decide what you want to do in Twitter: – Dedicated account? – Send to an account that has other purposes – Send to multiple accounts? • EPA’s choice: Dedicated account: @EPAjobs • How? EPA uses Twitterfeed: – For each Twitter account: log in, then go to Twitterfeed
  18. 18. Twitterfeed 1. Create an account. 2. When the dashboard appears, click “create new feed” in the upper right corner
  19. 19. Twitterfeed 3. Choose a feed name. This isn’t public; it appears only in your Twitterfeed dashboard. 4. Paste the URL from USAJOBS into “RSS feed URL” 5. Click “test RSS feed” to be sure it’s correct. Note the message about “GUID,” which you’ll use further down.
  20. 20. Twitterfeed 6. Scroll down, click “advanced settings” in the lower left – – – – Update frequency: every 30 minutes Post up to: 5 new updates at a time Post content: title & description Post link: check it and choose, which will turn all .gov URLs into • Optional: click “bitly settings,” then create a account to be able to track clicks
  21. 21. Twitterfeed 7. We don’t use Twitterfeed with LinkedIn or Facebook, so we skip those sections 8. Post sorting: GUID and check “feed is sorted” 9. Skip prefix, suffix, and keyword filter unless you have a specific need 10. You’ve now set up the feed. Click “continue to step 2” to choose where to publish it.
  22. 22. Twitterfeed 11.Click “Twitter” under “available services”
  23. 23. Twitterfeed 12. In another window in the same browser, you should’ve logged into the target Twitter account. Click the big blue “Authenticate Twitter” button.
  24. 24. Twitterfeed 13.Twitter will ask you to give Twitterfeed access. Click “authorize app.”
  25. 25. Twitterfeed 14.Once authorized, Twitterfeed will show your Twitter account in the first box. Delete anything in the remaining fields and click “Create service.”
  26. 26. Twitterfeed 15. On the available services page, you’ll see the Twitter account listed. Click “All done” in the lower left corner.
  27. 27. Twitterfeed • You’re all set, as shown on the confirmation screen.
  28. 28. Contact Info • Jeffrey Levy, EPA – – 202-564-9727 • OPM Help – RSS feed questions: – Building a jobs search: 20Search%20Query%20Service.pdf – APIs: – Dan Thibodeau, USAJOBS Deputy Program Manager • • (202) 606-1563