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mHealth Israel_IBM Watson for Healthcare Startups


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IBM Watson for Healthcare Startups, presentation for mHealth Israel Investors Summit 2015, by Ronen Siman Tov, Innovation Center Manager , GTU,
Cloud Ecosystem Development, IBM Israel.

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mHealth Israel_IBM Watson for Healthcare Startups

  1. 1. IBM Watson Health Ronen Siman Tov Innovation Center Manager , GTU, Cloud Ecosystem Development, IBM Mobile: +972-50-916-5386 e-mail:
  2. 2. What is Watson? A cognitive system that enables a new partnership between people and computers that enhances and scales human expertise. Core Capabilities: 1. NLP – Natural Language Processing 2. Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning 3. Evidence Based Reasoning
  3. 3. Redefining customer relationshipsHelping in treatment 1 in 4 will be affected by cancer with 1.6M new cases in the US alone in 2013 Watson can help: • Provide life saving alerts • Accelerate new therapies up to 3X faster • Reduce 1 in 5 diagnosis that are wrong • Improve cancer treatment accuracy 1/2 of 270B calls are unresolved $600B is spent taking inbound inquiries Watson can help: • Reduce the 50% of unresolved calls • Personalize the interaction • Deliver actionable insights in less time • Reduce inefficiencies by up to 80% Why Watson for Healthcare 3
  4. 4. Healthcare Industry is dealing with data overload 60% of determinants of health Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity 30%of determinants of health Volume 10% of determinants of health Variety Clinical data Genomics data Exogenous data (Behavior, Socio-economic, Environmental, ...) 1100 Terabytes Generated per lifetime 6 TBPer lifetime 0.4 TB Per lifetime Source: "The Relative Contribution of Multiple Determinants to Health Outcomes", Lauren McGover et al., Health Affairs, 33, no.2 (2014)
  5. 5. Delivering value – extreme patient focus and insight Clinical data Genomics data Exogenous data Medical Literature Guidelines Institutional Knowledge
  6. 6. Generation and Delivery of evidence and Insights Published Knowledge Knowledge-Driven Method Data-Driven Method Observational Data • Longitudinal records • Claims, Rx, Labs • Patient reported data • Scientific papers • Books • Guidelines Closing the translational knowledge gap Personalized Insights from institutional data From population averages … To insights for individual patient!
  7. 7. Watson Healthcare solution focus areas Engagement Advisor to transform interactions and experiences with physicians, sales reps and patients Clinical Reasoning / Paths Clinical reasoning for Medical Education & top of license care delivery Oncology (& beyond) to assist in identifying individualized treatment plans and clinical trials. Utilization Management Streamline and automate authorizations and ensure adherence to guidelines Discovery Advisor Uncover new insights into diseases and innovative therapies EMR Advisor Identify critical attributes of a patient case and provide easy-to-consume summaries Clinical Trial Matching solution that optimizes patient selection against clinical trial requirements Genomics Advisor Applying latest Research to understand biochemical considerations of tissue Improve EngagementR&D Productivity Improve Outcomes
  8. 8. IBM Watson Health Cloud HIPAA compliant, standard based, massively scalable Solutions IBM & Ecosystem Solutions Data Structured & unstructured Insights Cognitive & Advanced Analytics ProvidersPayersResearchersIndividuals PharmaGovt.
  9. 9. Join IBM AlphaZone Accelerator! • 24 weeks program. • Build leading solutions for the enterprise market. • Post Seed & Round A funded companies. • Create long term partnership with IBM worldwide. Focus on Health – Partnership With • Jointly select up to 4 startups. • Improve healthcare delivery and decision making. • BD mentorship, access to SMEs and network. • A grant of up to $25,000! ibmAlphaZone.comRegistration closes July 10