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Food supplement URX for urinary tract protaction

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. NEW MEMBERof THE CaliVita® Family„Under” Control
  2. 2. There are situations in our daily life when we have to pay attention toour URINERY TRACT more…
  3. 3. ...when we walk on barefooton cold surface a lot...
  4. 4. ...when we are confused about which season is now...
  5. 5. ...when we retent urine (even if we really don’t want)...
  6. 6. ...when we drink few!
  7. 7. Anatomy ofURINERY TRACT
  8. 8. Kidney KidneyUreter UreterBladder Urethra
  9. 9. Let’s see what happens when we spend too much time in cold place!
  10. 10. If body temperature which may make it easy for pathogens decreases, circulation slows down, to colonize in urinary tract.
  11. 11. How can we PREVENTcatching a chill ?
  12. 12. Always drink enough liquid! Liquid flushes through urinary system and makes it more difficult for pathogens to colonize.
  13. 13. Dress adequately to the weather, laminatedly! The air among the layers heat you more, than a thick pullover.
  14. 14. Wear pants made of cotton! Synthetic pants can easily make us sweat.
  15. 15. After swimming immediatelytowel yourself & change your wet swimming suit to a dry one!
  16. 16. Avoid standing or sitting on cold surface!
  17. 17. Don’t retent urine, go to toilet as soon as possible!
  18. 18. Take care of your intim areas with adequate hygiene!
  19. 19. Let’s see the components, which can contribute THE MOST to the health of our urinery tract!
  20. 20. Cranberry •May help blockthe adherence of pathogens in urinary tract •May beneficially affect the pH of urineHereby helping maintain the health of urinary tract!
  21. 21. D-Mannose The molecules of D-mannose may bind E. Coli bacteria which may promote their elimination from the urinary tract.**C S Edén and H A Hansson: Escherichia coli pili as possible mediators of attachment to human urinary tract epithelial cells. Infect Immun. 1978 July; 21(1):229–237.
  22. 22. Stinging NettleIt has diuretic effects which contributes •to the preservationof the health of kidney and •to the healthy functioning of lower urinary tract.
  23. 23. Bearberry•It may have antimicrobial effect against E.Coli. and•it has also diuretic effect.
  24. 24. Watercress•It may purify the blood and •due to its antioxidant effect it may play an important role in the protection of cells.
  25. 25. BuchuIt may have diuretic and disinfectant effect.
  26. 26. Vitamin C Due to itsantioxidant effect it may supportthe healthy functioning of urinery tract.
  27. 27. What is theNEW feature?
  28. 28. As a result of careful research we selected each of these precious ingredients together: • Cranberry • D- mannose • Stinging Nettle • Watercress • Buchu • Bearberry • Vitamin C in order to develop the FIRST PRODUCT of Calivita, which offerCOMPLEX PROTECTION OF URINERY TRACT!
  29. 29. CaliVita® International presents you: URX the first product of Calivita, which keeps the health of your urinery tract „UNDER” CONTROL!
  30. 30. Active ingredients• D-Mannose ● 150 mg• Cranberry Fruit Extract ● 100 mg (std.30% polyphenols)• Vitamin C ● 20 mg• Watercress Leaf Extract 4:1 ● 17 mg• Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract ● 100 mg (std.1% silicic acid)• Buchu Leaf Extract 4:1 ● 30 mg• Bearberry Leaf Extract 4:1 ● 100 mg / TABLET „Under” Control
  31. 31. Packaging and directionsPackaging:90 tabletsDirections:2-4 tablets daily „Under” Control
  32. 32. To whomdo we recommend URX?
  33. 33. Who is susceptible to catching a chill...
  34. 34. who frequently attends outdoor or indoor swimming pools...
  35. 35. who is susceptible to dressingnot accordingly to the weather...
  36. 36. who drink smallamounts of liquid...
  37. 37. everyone for whom the protection of urinary tract is important!
  38. 38. „Under” ControlIn the CaliVita®Global Network!