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Food supplement Spirulina Chlorella Plus

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Spirulina chlorella plus

  1. 1. www.zivisastilom.com SUPERGREEN
  2. 2. Disgusting?
  3. 3. And this way?
  4. 4. Did you know? Japanese people eat 10 kgs of algae per year.
  5. 5. Maybe that’s why they havethe highest life expectancy in the world*? * WHO World Health Statistics 2010
  6. 6. Life expectancy at birth (2008) USA UK Slovakia Serbia Rom ania Poland 83 years! Japan Hungary Germ any FranceCzech Republic 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 years WHO World Health Statistics 2010
  7. 7. What do we know about algae?
  8. 8. Algae are a large and diverse group of simple plants.
  9. 9. More than 3 billion years ago, algae helped to develop higher life forms by producing oxygen.
  10. 10. Later, they gave precious nutrients for humans.
  11. 11. Algae are rich in:• proteins• iodine• chlorophyll• vitamins and• minerals.
  12. 12. ProteinsProtein is used by the body toperform many functionsincluding:• Building and repairing bodytissues.• Producing enzymes.• Carrying nutrientsthroughout the body.• Hormone production.• Creating new cells.• Maintaining fluid balance.• Transporting oxygenthroughout the body.
  13. 13. Iodine• Algae are natural iodinesources, contain iodine inorganic bind which promotesits utilization.• Iodine is indispensable forthe production of thyroidhormones, adequatemetabolism and energyproduction.• It may also help preserve thehealth of hair, skin and nails.
  14. 14. Did you know? In Europe, more than half of the population has a low iodine intake!**Iodine deficiency in Europe, A continuing public health problem, WHO, ISBN 978 92 4 159396 0 http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2007/9789241593960_eng.pdf
  15. 15. Chlorophyll• Chlorophyll is a greenpigment found in most plantsand algae and responsible forphotosynthesis.• Highly cleansing, it helpssupport detoxification in thebody by eliminating toxins thatcan damage health.• Acts as an internal bodydeodorant.
  16. 16. Are you interested?
  17. 17. Try our new product: Spirulina Chlorella PLUS!
  18. 18. Active ingredients Spirulina alga powder 250 mg Chlorella alga powder 250 mg Wheat grass powder 100 mg Alfalfa leaf powder 100 mg Proprietary blend* 140 mg * Celery seed powder, kelp powder, cabbage powder, spinach powder, dandelion root powder, parsley powder, lutein extract, lycopene extract,Brussel sprouts leaf powder, black radish root powder, Aloe vera powder, broccoli powder. Directions: 1 tablet daily or as directed. Packaging: 100 tablets.
  19. 19. Spirulina alga• Spirulina is a microscopicbluish-green alga in the shapeof a perfect spiral coil.• Lives in warm, alkalinewaters.• Very valuable source ofnutrients.• Rich in antioxidants andVitamin Bs and E.• Excellent source of essentialfatty acids and full of easy todigest proteine.• Contains more beta carotenethan carrots.• Has a high iodine content.
  20. 20. Chlorella alga• Chlorella is a one-celledgreen alga.• The name is taken from theGreek word chloros meaninggreen and the Latin word ellameaning small.• Chlorella likes alkalineenvironments.• Natural detoxifyer.*• Excellent source of proteins,fat soluble vitamins, mineralsand fiber.• Has a high iodine content. *Effect of Chlorella intake on Cadmium metabolism in rats, Nutrition Research and Practice (2009), 3(1), 15-22
  21. 21. Wheat grass• Wheat grass refers to theyoung grass of the commonwheat plant.• Provides chlorophyll, aminoacids, minerals, vitamins, andenzymes.• Generally known as powerfuldetoxifier.• Restores alkalinity to theblood.
  22. 22. Alfalfa leaf• Alfalfa provides organic acids,free amino acids, beta-caroteneand vitamins B,C, D and E.• It is one of the best naturalsources of vitamin K.• Vitamin K helps build bones byworking with vitamin D. Yourbody cannot use calcium withoutit.
  23. 23. Proprietary blend• A special proprietary blend ofwell known and popular “green”foods - such as broccoli,cabbage, celery seed, spinach,Aloe vera and Brussel sprouts -for improved health, immunesystem and body, which copeswith the harmful effects ofacidification more easily.
  24. 24. When do we recommendSpirulina Chlorella PLUS?
  25. 25. If you are on a low protein diet or you are vegetarian.
  26. 26. If you do sports regularly…
  27. 27. …or hard physical work.
  28. 28. If you suffer from stress...
  29. 29. …or air pollution.
  30. 30. Main benefits
  31. 31. Thanks to the valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals it may be an excellent supplement to a healthy diet…
  32. 32. …and possesses general vitalizing, immune boosting and antioxidant effects.
  33. 33. Iodine isindispensable for the production of thyroid gland hormones, adequate metabolism and energy production processes of the body and…
  34. 34. …it may help preserve the integrity of hair, nails and skin.
  35. 35. Chlorophyll and other alkalizing ingredients may help eliminate the harmful effects of acidification.
  36. 36. CaliVita® Spirulina Chlorella PLUSThe new member of the CaliVita® family is available in the global network! www.zivisastilom.com