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Organic noni


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Food supplement organic noni calivita international

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Organic noni

  1. 1. www.zivisastilom.comCaliVita® International presents ORGANIC NONI Certified by nature
  2. 2. In 1950 there were 2.5 billion people in the world.Source:
  3. 3. 50 years later this number became 6 billion... ... another 10 years later already 6.9 billion.Source:
  4. 4. From those 1 billion are constantly hungry. Source:
  5. 5. Due to overpopulation the consumption of food increased on global scale. This amount cannot be covered only from untouched nature; there is a need of extra production even from exotic fruits!
  6. 6. Some farmers try to force exhausted soil toincrease production with artificial, aggressive pesticides!
  7. 7. BUT! Pesticides can remain in thebody and build up in the liver.It can be associated withbehavioral problems, growthissues, lower cognitive scoresin babies,and greater risk for certainchronic diseases (such asParkinsons disease, lymphoma)in adults.
  8. 8. That’s why „back to nature” type of productionbecomes more and more important nowdays!
  9. 9. What makesa bio production to BIO?
  10. 10. Organic food can only be a foodthat isstated organic by an approvedcertifiermaking sure thatthe food meets the strict standards.
  11. 11. They do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides! It is also forbidden to use veterinary drugs as antibiotics or growth hormones, applying gene modification or ionizing radiation.
  12. 12. Organic farmers need to plant certain plants(e.g. nettle, lavender),and apply certain animals (e.g. ladybug) so as tokeep away harmful plants and insects.
  13. 13. Due to this organic farming is requiring more and harder work...
  14. 14. ...and it has lower produce!
  15. 15. That’s why bio production ismore expensive.
  16. 16. And it does not pollute theenvironment!
  17. 17. Due to the utilization of organic substancesfruits are more tasteful and nutritious; They contain more useful nutrients (antioxidants, minerals) opposed to those coming from industrial farming.
  18. 18. Calivita® is introducing youthe new Organic Noni with bio noni juice in bio raspberry flavor!
  19. 19. The fruit of noni (Morinda citrifolia) originates from Asia and Australia where it has been used for centuries to preserve health, youth and to enhance the self-healing ability of the body!
  20. 20. In addition to its high mineral,antioxidant and vitamin contentone of its most important component is proxeronine,which supports effectively the functioning of cells as wellthe immune and hormonal system.
  21. 21. While Polinesian Noni originates from untouched nature,we bring Organic Noni directly from an ecological farm to you! • 99,6% organic certified noni juice • Organic certified raspberry flavor • NO artificial preservatives or sweetener • NO added sugar Organic Noni meets with the requirements of organic products in USA and in Europe.
  22. 22. • Packaging: 32 fl. oz., 946 ml• Active ingredients: Noni fruit solids 12,000 mg (Morinda citrifolia)• Directions: 2 tablespoons daily
  23. 23. For whatdid traditional healersused and recommend noni?
  24. 24. In case of cardiac complaints, blood pressure problems;
  25. 25. In case of arthritis;
  26. 26. In case of gastric ulcer, digestive problems;
  27. 27. In case of asthma;
  28. 28. In case of tumorous diseases.
  29. 29. Time to taste the purity of nature!Available at CaliVita® International,