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Beauty formula for skin ,hair and nails care.

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Beauty formula

  1. 1. The CaliVita® Family presents www.zivisastilom.comBEAUTY FORMULA - SHINE EVERYDAY
  2. 2. Which one would you invite for a cup of coffee ?Person „A” To which one would you let your house out? Person „B” To which one would you offer a job?
  3. 3. Person „A” and person „B” are the same person… BEAUTY AFFECTS YOUR CAREER, YOUR LIFE!
  4. 4. The „Beauty premium” idea - pretty people tend to do better in everything - exists! • Handsome men earn approx. 5 % more, pretty women approx. 4 % more than the less-attractive people. • Pretty people get more attention from teachers, bosses. • Babies stare longer at good-looking faces.Source:
  5. 5. *Attributes ranked in order of importance when employees being selected: 1. experience 2. self- confidence 3. LOOKS ! 4. where a candidate went to school BUT! Looks is strictly linked to self-confidence!Source: *Newsweek surveyed 202 corporate hiring managers;
  6. 6. Do you feel good about yourself?Do you enjoy being you? Do you trust yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you treat yourself kindly?
  7. 7. What does self-confidence give you in life?
  8. 8. When you have self-confidence, life is a joyous experience,knowing that regardless of your current circumstances, you have the power within yourself, to change whatever you want to change!
  9. 9. • You trust in yourself;• You know you are your own best friend and have the ability to achieve whatever you want;• You know you are in charge of your own life, able to rely on your own choices, and actions.• This knowledge reduces the anxiety that is so detrimental to a youthful, healthy appearance. Source:
  10. 10. Self-confidence gives you success in career – You will have the perseverance to continue when it would be much easier to simply give up; – You are able to push those rules which work against you; – There is no more reason to worry about having approval from other people; – You will be able to say „NO” to people and make your decisions based on your priorities! – You will not be overly focused on success and be totally okay – no matter what the outcome of your decision is! Source:
  11. 11. What can help you to increase self-confidence?Source:
  12. 12. • Each week work out exactly what you want to achieve and set goals! – each time you achieve a goal, give yourself a little reward!
  13. 13. • Forget the past and begin taking action to build a brighter future!
  14. 14. • Remind yourself of all the good things you have done! – Learn from your mistakes and move on!
  15. 15. • Try to replace the negative perspective on life with a positive one! – Reduce the amount of TV you watch and do something more beneficial instead, e.g. learn a new skill, read a book!
  16. 16. • Mix with positive and self-confident people!
  17. 17. • Change your looks!– Knowing that you look good will make you feel good!
  19. 19. Do you think you are not pretty, and you can not become a beauty?You are able to become a beauty! Only thing you have to do is to take the reins, start to care for yourself, START TO CARE FOR YOUR BEAUTY!
  20. 20. Your Skin
  21. 21. Your skin is the largest organ in your body.Source:
  22. 22. Your skin is your body’s coat. It protects your inside organs while keeping infections out (unless it’s cut or damaged).Source: /
  23. 23. Your body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every day. It renews itself about 1 month.Source: /
  24. 24. How to treat your skin?Source:,-Smooth-Skin
  25. 25. • Always remove all your make-up before go to bed!• Pull your hair back into a ponytail when youre sleeping and try to limit the amount you touch your face also in daytime! – because in other case this will transfer oil to your skin!• Wash your face twice a day! – In the morning, splash your face with cold water for about 10 seconds, then pat dry with facial sponge! • This helps stimulate blood flow and is really good for the skin. – Then get hot steamy water in a cup and place your face above the water! • This will open up your pores. – Wash your face with cleanser, apply toner then moisturize!
  26. 26. Your hair
  27. 27. Hair grows at an average rate of about 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) per month.Source:;
  28. 28. A single hair has a normal life of about 4 or 5 years.Source:
  29. 29. Your hair color is related to how thick your hair is: • Redheads have the thickest hair; • People with black and brown hair are in the middle; • Blondes have the thinnest hair. BUT! Blondes have more hair than readheads!Source: /
  30. 30. How to treat your hair?Source:
  31. 31. • Brush your hair only when its necessary! – It does not make your hair any healthier or better, just worse. • Use a wide-comb brush when your hair is wet! – Your hair is stretchier and more prone to breaking when its wet, it can also cause split ends.
  32. 32. • Do not wash your hair every day! – It hurts its natural oils, which help maintain your hair and keep it healthy. Try washing hair every 2 or 3 days! • Do not put the shampoo directly on the hair, dilute it first and do not apply it to the ends, just on the top of your hair! – It will dry your ends out. When you are rinsing, the suds of the shampoo will clean the ends. • Blow dry your hair as little as possible! – The heat is not good for the health of your hair.
  33. 33. Your nails
  34. 34. For toe nails to regrow completely, it takes 18 months. For a finger nail to regrow completely, it takes 6 months.Source: /
  35. 35. • Fingernails grow faster: – on your larger fingers; – in summer and during daytime – on your right hand if you are right-handed (and vice versa).Source: /
  36. 36. How to treat your nails?Source:;
  37. 37. • Put on rubber gloves before doing dishes!• Get a pair of latex gloves, fill with lotion, keep them on your hands for 20 minutes! – This helps rough skin around the nails.• Tap your nails on a hard surface such as a table! – This will strengthen them.
  38. 38. • Always use a basecoat - a clear layer of polish - under your colour! – To prevent staining and to ensure your polish goes on smoothly.• After colouring always use a topcoat! – To achieve the longest lasting results and a high-shine.• Don’t leave nail polish on too long! – It can cause lack of growth as air cannot get to them.• Dont use too much nail polish remover and always use an acetone- free one! – Acetone can dry the nails and the skin.
  39. 39. Let’s seewhat your body may need to become beauty!
  40. 40. Satisfaction with yourself – When a woman is satisfied with her looks, she looks beautiful.
  41. 41. Sleeping– Ideal is minimum 6, maximum 9 hours.
  42. 42. Regular exercise
  43. 43. Healthy eating
  44. 44. Water – It makes the hair supple, helps keep– Ideally you it silky and shiny. should drink between – It helps to prevent 8 -10 glasses cuts and cracks in of water a the nails. day. – It helps to prevent wrincles on skin.
  45. 45. Vitamin A • It gives you a healthy scalp. • It helps to prevent dryness on nails. • It helps treating both acne and wrincles on skin. •Rich sources are lowfat dairy products (like plain yogurt), liver, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  46. 46. Vitamin C • It is important for good circulation, hair growth and hair color and to have strong, supple hair that do not split. • It support the growth of collagen, smoothes out wrinkles. • It protects the skin against sun damage. • It helps to prevent hang nails. •Rich sources are grapefruit, citrus, green peppers, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, cabbage*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  47. 47. Vitamin Bs (B2,Niacin,B6,B12) • They are responsible for preserving the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails. • It is important for good circulation, hair growth and hair color and to have strong, supple hair that do not split. • It helps to prevent dryness on nails. •Rich sources are chicken, liver, fish, milk, whole wheat bread, nuts, lentils, bananas*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  48. 48. Silicon • It helps to keep skin flexible. • It makes nails resistant. • It makes weak, brittle hair strong and shiny. • Rich natural sources are broccoli,spirulina,kelp, fish, onions, royal jelly*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  49. 49. Zinc • It builds hair protein which helps to prevent hair loss. • It promotes to maintain the healthy structure of skin. • It helps to prevent white spots on the nails; • Rich natural sources are walnuts, almonds, cashews, garlic, milk, shellfish*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  50. 50. Copper • It plays an important role in developing and preserving the color of hair and skin. • Rich natural sources are walnuts, cashews, garlic, milk*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  51. 51. Iodine • It is an important microelement to hair, skin and nails. • Rich sources are fish, algae*.*Source: Tápanyagtáblázat , Szerk: Rodler Imre, Medicina Kiado 2006
  52. 52. Collagen• It is responsible for keep the flexibility and health of the skin.
  53. 53. Amino acids• Methionine and cysteine as the components of the collagen fibers of skin may promote their flexibility, and are also necessary to build up the healthy structure of hair.
  54. 54. Herbs• Wood horsetail due to its silicon content strengthens hair, makes nails resistant and promotes the elasticity of the collagen fibers of skin.• Nettle has been applied for long for making hair beautiful as it nourishes the hair bulbs and strengthens hair.
  55. 55. Don’t you have the chance due to your hectic lifestyle to pick up all these important vitamins, minerals and the other precious ingredients from the nature? DO NOT WORRY!Nowdays high quality dietary supplements can also support your beauty internally in a perfect way!
  56. 56. Let me introduce you Beauty Formula! BEAUTY FORMULA offers you the complex of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen and herbsto preserve the health of your skin, hair and nails and to give you the possibility to shine everyday just like a star!
  57. 57. Active Ingredients 1. • Vitamin A 2500 IU • Vitamin C 30 mg • Vitamin B2 5 mg • Niacin 30 mg • Vitamin B6 10 mg • Vitamin B12 10 mcg • Choline 30 mg • Silicon 40 mg/tablet SHINE EVERYDAY
  58. 58. Active Ingredients 2. • Zinc 10 mg • Copper 2 mg • Iodine 50 mcg • Collagen 100 mg • L-Methionine 100 mg • L-Cysteine 77 mg • Wood horsetail extract (std.6% silicon) 90 mg • Organic nettle extract (4:1) 40 mg/tablet SHINE EVERYDAY
  59. 59. • Packaging – 90 tablets• Directions: – Take 1 tablet daily. SHINE EVERYDAY
  60. 60. In the CaliVita® Global Network! www.zivisastilom.comBEAUTY FORMULA - SHINE EVERYDAY