Reluctant Readers


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iPad apps to support reluctant readers

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Reluctant Readers

  1. 1. Reluctant Reader Apps Anne: Amy: Jean: Martha:
  2. 2. Audio Books and Interactive Books App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate For … TasksAudio Books in iTunes Full text, excellent voice Audio only; no text on Students with decoding For novel study and quality; read by an actor screen difficulty at upper independent listening. elementary grades onward or visually impaired student.Audio books with study Provides point form Fully text which stillnotes chapter summaries, plot discourages reluctant overview, character readers (No text to analysis, study questions. speech) Voice over available.iTunes University podcasts University lectures High school students available for free looking for supplementary, and/or enriched materialThe Unwanted Guest – Animated texts – text, Needs text highlighter toanimated text to speech moving images, good allow students to follow$4.99 quality digitized voice the written text.
  3. 3. Audio Books and Interactive Books cont. App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate For … TasksInteractive eBooks iBook App is free in Apple Wide range in price Students with decoding Store difficulties who also need activity to sustain engagement.Itsy Bitsy Spider Another interactiveInteractive Book eBook, read aloud to students, touch response to various characters, environmental info, useful for assessments – cause and effect, attention, etcFood Fight Interactive Interactive – touch screenBook to flip pages, cause$3.99 characters to react, etc.Interactive eBooks such as Interactive books which No text to speech ability,the Nancy Drew series include multiple endings need to use voice over. based on choices made, collect clues, etc. Students get to make independent choices about what they are reading.
  4. 4. Martha’s top Apps Audio Books •Available from iTunes •Free iBook App
  5. 5. Interactive eBooks • Available from iTunes • Contains activities that promote engagement • Various prices
  6. 6. Story Builder • Create your own audio book by answering question prompts • Publish to iBooks to have book read to you. • Demo
  7. 7. Text to Speech App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate For … TasksvBookz Text to speech, highlighter follows as Computerized voice, Compensatory strategy Any reading task, text is read, change speed of voice. so little to no for students cannot independent Allows students to be independent of inflection. decode words/text. reading. a person to read for them. Since students don’t have to wait for reader, can keep up as befits their ability.Stanza: can scan Can get voice option for electronic No longer being Compensatory strategy Any reading task,electronic documents texts. Useful for converting updated. for students cannot independentinto ePub using Stanza electronic ‘textbooks’/texts to audio Computerized voice, decode words/text. reading.which can then be version for reluctant readers. so little to nopulled into vBookz inflection.Image to Text Take a picture of text and have it Good voice for the small amount of text Instructions of read back to you. Inexpensive. price. various tasks Excellent for short pieces of text. Only available for iPod Touch 4G or iPads with cameras.Voice Reader Text to Inexpensive. Ability to type in or American flag ESL students and Instructions ofSpeech copy/paste text into window and displayed students who cannot various tasks have it read aloud. Multiple prominently. decode words/ text languages. Ability to change rate of speech feedback, pitch.
  8. 8. Anne’s Top appsVbookz Stanza• Text to speech, highlighter • Can get voice option for follows as text is read, change electronic texts. Useful for speed of voice. Allows students converting ‘textbooks’/texts to be independent of a person to to audio version for reluctant read for them. Since students readers. don’t have to wait for reader, can keep up as befits their ability. • Computerized voice, so little• Computerized voice, so little to to no inflection. no inflection. • No longer being updated.• Compensatory strategy for • Compensatory strategy for students cannot decode students cannot decode words/text. words/text.• Any reading task, independent reading. • Any reading task, independent reading.• Demo
  9. 9. Book Creation App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate For … TasksPictello Make your own books Best used for the 4G iPod All subject areas, science and social studies (similar to Book Creator). Touch or iPad – needs projects, journal, Import pictures; add text onboard camera for using social stories, visual and then Text to speech personal work, pictures. schedules, and adapted will speak the story/text. non-fiction books.Story Builder Students can create their Need iPad2 or iPod4 with Any subject area. science and social studies own audio books based camera projects, journal, on picture and verbal cues social stories, visual answer questions and play schedules, and adapted your story back. There are non-fiction books. three levels of verbal instructions. Answer questions and play your story back. Answers must be in complete sentences
  10. 10. • Make your own books (similarJean’s top app: to Book Creator). ImportPictello pictures; add text and then Text to speech will speak the story/text. • Best used for the 4G iPod Touch or iPad – needs onboard camera for using personal work, pictures. • All subject areas, • science and social studies projects, journal, social stories, visual schedules, and adapted non-fiction books. • Demo
  11. 11. Emergent Reader Skills App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate Tasks For …Question Builder Build questions based on pictures. Appears to be only Students LA- reading$3.99 Practice answering questions based on multiple choice, doesn’t struggling with comprehension visual cues. Reinforcement for correct read answer options comprehension assessment- it tracks stats answers. of student resultsABC Pocket Phonics Game teaching letter sounds and writing Very specific tracing of Early readers LA- Writing workshop:$2.99 the letter using finger on screen. Game letters. from gades P- 5, Practice printing, using letter combination sounds. resource students handwriting, Dolch words Reasonable priceMontessori Crossword Hear the word, choose the letters to Doesn’t record scores Ages 3-8 LA- word study activity or$2.99 spell the word (from a limited list). 3 levels centre Increasing difficulty from short three letter single words to multiple letters in a crossword format.
  12. 12. • Teaches sounds letters make and how to blend sounds to read wordsAmy’s favourite app: • You can take a photo of the playerABC pocket phonics • Letters are grouped by frequency of use • Game begins with starting sounds of words • You can replay to reinforce • Uses either American or British voices • Teaches upper and lower case letters as well as cursive • 2 writing styles (D’Nealeon) • Settings allow you to vary accuracy of tracing and what prompts are given • Isn’t always compatible with IWB Doesn’t teach letter names • Demo
  13. 13. Other App Overview/ Pros Cons Appropriate For … Tasks Cliff Notes All the things that the Still text heavy with no University and high English projects and paper CliffNotes provided text to speech reader, school students with reports such as: Variety of titles, only Voice over available assigned texts summaries, character lists, Q&A, etc. CramCasts – audio quick summary.Students are now more independent during class activities that wouldnormally require one on one assistance from an EA, teacher or anotherstudent. These apps allow for students to work at their desk at their own pace.Case studies show that improved self esteem are a result of using theseengaging and interactive apps.