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  1. 1. IS A DIFFERENT KINDOF FULL SERVICE AGENCYRUSSIA, MOSCOW+ 7 495 545 45 Accorddigital.COMMoscow, Perevedenevsky side-street, 18, bld. 3 JULY 2012
  2. 2. AGENCYWHAT WE DO COMPANY’S HISTORYWe do full service in digital marketing communica-tions Accord Digital was founded in May, 2010 by team of digital, creative, strategic plan- ning and client service professionals.OUR VALUESClients are our partnersOur main success benchmark is clients’high ROIOur communication ideas are always based on digi-talOUR MISSIONCreate brand digital assets for humanbenefits Accorddigital.COM
  3. 3. PROCESS 1 2 3 4 5BRIEF STRATEGY CREATIVE PRODUCTION PROMOTIONSometimes at the stage of We develop communication We create ideas of inte- Nowadays a product that we We know that every ideacommercial offer prepa- strategies considering chang- grated campaigns and form produce isn’t just something needs its unique audi-ration we create a brief es in consumer’s behavior, in channels opened for discus- you usually use in advertising ence; therefore we doourselves instead of a cli- their way of thinking and in sion, that keep consumers and communications. Digital- media planning that willent as often not everyone decision-making processes to within brand communica- asset of any brand has become guarantee the most ef-really understands which build a successful campaign tion. We develop integral an element of consumer’s eco- fective contact.way their brand can be and to create a desired atti- platforms, advertising system. Now communication isintegrated into digital. It tude. campaigns and ecosystems going both ways, moreoverlet-also happens that at first to help brands to become an ting us to study the consumer-we just receive a marketing essential part of consum- and to correct the strategiesobjectives that we convert ers’ daily life. in working order. Every brandinto the strategic brief, and has a chance to grip the audi-later,after client’s confir- ence’s attention and to get themation, into a communica- feedback. The consumer, who’stion strategy. interested in your product, will help to develop their selves by opening new ROI opportunities. Accorddigital.COM
  4. 4. SERVICESStrategic planning of advertising Ideas & Creative Strategic planning of creativecampaigns conceptions for digital campaignsResearch of brand activities and position in digital sphere Development of content and ideas for social media promotionResearch of digital audience Development of online games conceptionsBrand Digital platformdevelopment Development of mobile interfacesStrategic planning of integrated campaigns Creation of conceptions for direct mail and CRMBrand strategy in social media Creation of conceptions and strategy for digital video campaignsE-commerce Creation of conceptions for digital media campaigns, banners, onlineMobile Creation of scenarios for viral videosROI oriented strategiesProduction PromotionDesign (Digital, Motion, Presentations, 3D, POSm,etc.) Seeding in social networksSite development (Html (Non-flash), Flash, sites for mobile platforms, portals, on- Seeding in blogosphereline stores) Development of social instruments toDevelopment of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Win. Mobile platforms rang the project knowledge effectDevelopment of Internet banners of any difficulty (including interactive ones) Media planning of banners campaignDevelopment of social networks applications (FB.COM / VK.COM / Odnoklassniki) Media planning of mobile adsBrand support in social media Media planning of video campaignsPhotosessions SEO / PPCVideo production, post-productionBTL / non-standard
  5. 5. TEAMVasily Kostin Vladimir Levochkin Egor VolickCEO CFO CCO There are 30 em- ployees working in our Moscow office for a moment, and more than 60 free- lance employees all over Russia, USA, France and Spain.Anton Elizarov Sergey MitNikCLIENT SERVICE DIRECTOR GENERAL PRODUCER
  6. 6. CLIENTS Accorddigital.COM
  7. 7. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY:Develop an application for brand’s STRATEGY:Facebook page where users could look We looked at the challenge from the otherthrough legendary brand’s line-up point of view. In the campaign center we didn’t put bike itself, but brand attitude. In brand page on Facebook we created the full atmosphere of so called «bikers’ romance»: any model can be seen against beautiful night Moscow backgrounds. Application works without Flash usage, but still has the highest level of animation. Spares and accessories are presented in the applica- tion as well. Everything can be ordered online right from Facebook, and moreover users can apply for a test-drive.
  8. 8. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY:Attract highschool graduates and stu- Create a digital platform with essen-dents to participate in the«Milk Genera- tial recruiting tools. Media planningtion» program and campaign launch.
  9. 9. CHALLENGE:Develop a strategy of KommersantFM brand presence in digital, describemethods of ROI.STATEGY:We developed a conception of KommersantFM club, suggested a strategy of brand pres-ence in Internet, in social networks, in mobileplatforms ad in offline events. That’s thestrategy of TA involvement and ROI basedadvertising model.RESULTS:We built a multilevel CRM system, whichunites audience of radio station and of Inter-net with great ROI opportunities. Increaseof subscribers amount in all communicationchannels.
  10. 10. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY:Develop a multimedia presentation for EvereST-S sales house to The main idea of presentation is based on philosophy of TV channels and audience attitude: STS – is an amusement park, Domashny – park,use it for presentation of holding’s projects. Peretz – cabare. We developed Full-Flash presentation using photographic images of STS-Media projects’ main characters. The presentation has an administrative system, STS manager can instantly update it
  11. 11. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY:Create materials to support new Myako- Development of product Key-VisualvAshberry with cognac product launch. Development of product based cocktails Photosession, cocktails retouch for POS-materials
  12. 12. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY: RESULTS:Conduct a joint Moto season opening for Harley- First stage of campaign was a video invitation from CEO of Harley-Davidson Thousands of views of invitation video, new likes atDavidson and Jim Beam, moreoverwe had to Moscow that let us to attract brand’s fans attention to the event. In Jim Beam Jim Beam page, 250 invitations and 15 prizes won bysupport the event in social networks and raffle Facebook page, that already had loyal brand audience, we launched a Harley-Da- brand the prizes and invitations. vidson application. By means of simple competitions awards winners quite easy won their prizes and invitations to the event. During the event we shooted a video about Moto season opening, that was seeded in social networks for brand fans.
  13. 13. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY: RESULTS:Develop brand site for Myagkov Vodka We created a project with unique implementation technique and HTML, JS, CSS usage that work much more effective The site has become the main brand communication plat-according to new brand communication on download speed, on operation stability, on reflection and on functionality. Site’s design is an interactive environment, form and it was highly appreciated by the audience that canstrategy. something like Myagkov’s inside world that site visitors can discover. Bright, vivid, in dynamics and effective – all that be proved by time spent on site – 4.5 minutes - and by low thanks to special 3D design forms and details. Myagkov World is multifaceted, and that design and technological decision bounce rate – 25%. helped us to solve that problem.
  14. 14. CHALLENGE:Create promo site for a new Sony tabletSTRATEGY:New Android tablet is a company’s revolution-ary product from both form factor and design.We created the same revolutionary site. As themain visual object we put the tablet itself thatwas recreated in 3D format. The tablet can beexamined in details by means of control ele-ments, that also lets users to find out about allfunctional solutions and possibilities. The siteitself is made as an interactive presentationwith content in dynamics, and in spite of all thiswe didn’t use the Flash technology, which let usincrease the downloading speed and view atallmobile platforms.RESULTS:The site has become the main digital platformof new product presentation. It was highlyevaluated by bloggers who in their independentreports were referring to the promo site. Duringthe campaign it was visited by tens of thou-sands of Russian internet users with minimalbounce rate around 15%. Average time spenton site was up to 7 minutes. Such results arereached due to new site usability approach andmodern technologies in site layout and pro-gramming.
  15. 15. CHALLENGE: RESULTS:Develop promo site for new summer Lipton campaign More than 1.5 mio of visitors, more than 80 000 of usersSTRATEGY: who registered their dance floors to struggle for the prize.Main idea is based on crowdsourcing philosophy where it’s possible to create one’s own dance floor and to invite their friends. The dance floor with the maxi- The special site protection let us make the competitionmum amount of dancers wins. Every week the best dance floor is chosen and its founder gets a prize. We integrated the maximum quantity of instruments fare.for social interaction and sharing as to invite friends at the dance floor it has to be customized (the environment, the music, illumination, etc.).
  16. 16. CHALLENGE:Develop a creative competition for all social net-works where Sportmaster has its official brandpages.STRATEGY:We developed an application for popular Russian social networks – Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook. The com-petition gave users three options: to make their own “sports” video, draw a “sport” picture inside the application orsend us their “sports” photo. All competition were synchronized into one data basewhich let us manage and moder-ate thecompetitionusing one administrative system. During 2 competition’s stages we managed to involve more than 300000RESULTS: participants.
  17. 17. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY: RESULTS:Develop promo site for Spanish wine We developed a site disclosing the action’s mechanic, that also was used as the maininformation source for the More than 5000 site visitorsbrand promo campaign with participa- participants. Brand fans had to buy a bottle of wine, to save the cork, to register on the promo site and later More than 1500 filled forms to participate intion of the famous football team Man- apply for a guaranteed prize. It was important for us to synthesize 2 energetic brands: Spanish casiliero diablo and company’s further actionschester United. English MANUTD. Our decision let us to create the new design in within the brands guidelines, that was approved in both head offices.
  18. 18. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY:Develop a promo site for new We created a site with megalopolis panorama shooted by the new Cyber-shot camera that let us demonstrate its advantages suchCyber-shot camera line-up as high definition, mechanical and digital zoom of new generation and a unique hand shaking stabilizing system . As brand’s TA is young active people,with every mouse pointing at panorama users were suggested to look through the camera’s advantages and every explanationhad its own unique interactive function.RESULTS:Active media support let us attract tens of thousands of users on site and disclose the values of the new product. These conclusions are proved bythe long time spent on site - up to 6 minutes. And high sharing index (Facebook, Vkontake, Twitter) let us judge about high users interest.
  19. 19. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY: Develop a unique marketing instrument for product Collaborating with famous Russian bar tenders we de- realization in various channels: Digital,BTL, On-trade, Off- veloped 100 unique cocktails’ recipes based on Myagkov trade. vodka. All recipes, photos, stories were transformed into one Flash-presentation called “Cocktail Expert by Myag- kov”.KEY-VISUAL FLASH-presentatoin
  20. 20. 100of unique CoctailsRESULTS:We created unique cocktails based on the Myagkov vodka and a preparation guide.All that can be distributed in various communication channels.
  21. 21. CHALLENGE: STRATEGY: RESULTS:Create a new format of TV-watching iPhone and iPad applications with unique interactive opportunity Objective is reached. to check-in while watching off-line TV programs. The more check-ССЫЛКА ДЛЯ УСТАНОВКИ APP: in s are made, the higher are the chances to become a program’s producer and to see your name in the final title.
  22. 22. CHALLENGE:Carry on a summer campaign to support season discounts on MaseratiQuattroporte model.STRATEGY:- Audience analytics;- Media planning;- Creation of POS-materials;- Online analytics of campaign results and campaign correctingRESULTS:15% bounce rateAverage time spent on site - 5-6 minutes10% salesincrease
  23. 23. For Myagkov vodka we created a TV commercial demonstrating the updated brand and new unique product qualitites
  24. 24. “The Penthouse Club Moscow” is the first club of “The Penthouse Club” network CHALLENGE: Create Russian site the American strip-club networkopened beyond the USA. The club has an area more than 2000 square meters. Create a conversion model: SEO + SMM >> site >> club visitor STRATEGY: Create a non-Flash site based on modern technologies Adapt site for mobile Optimize site for search engine machines Optimize club’s digital assets for online search Site active promotion in Yandex, Google Promotion of site’s photo content Create a Facebook account to announce club’s parties Put links to Penthouse in themes sites RESULTS: Average time spent on site – 3 minutes Bounce rate just 26% Depth of view – 4.24 from 5 pages
  25. 25. CHALLENGE:Develop a digital strategy for the projectTrain bar tenders and consumers how to make cocktailsCreate a long terms marketing instrument to increase bourbonbrand loyaltyIDEA:In USA they collected the cocktailes that had their unique history at timeof gangsters and prohibition. All recipes and legends of cocktails’ creationare completely restored. We suggest you to touch the history and feelthe taste of America at time of 30’s.СТРАТЕГИЯ:Develop a catalogue of legendary bourbon cocktailsCreate the catalogue in a form ease of access for usersCreate catalogue application for iPhone and AndroidPlace special navigation disk on the bourbon bottlesPR publications in themes magazines with links to the applicationAccounts in social media (YouTube & Facebook)RESULTS:30% increase of bars suggesting bourbon cocktails
  26. 26. RESULTS:CHALLENGE: 16 daysDevelop a digital campaign to support the new Renault Fluence launch at 51 Russian citiesdealerscenters 88 Renault dealer centersin collaboration with «Most Creative Club» 160 people in organization team 255 promotersSTRATEGY: 8069 competition participantsLive broadcast to the site 14267 potential Renault Fluence purchasersStreaming video from 88 show rooms in 51 cities in real time 25 081 contacts with potential consumers in auto salons 542 visitors
  27. 27. Courvoisier photo session for the LENEZ project
  28. 28. CHALLENGE:Create material for presentation of new product to regional dealersSTRATEGY:Create flash-presentation on CDCreate print version of presentation in A4 format
  29. 29. Print for Esquire & GQ magazinesThe secret of Courvoisier aromas
  30. 30. CHALLENGE:Become №1 brand in American whisky segment, taking thelead over competitorSTRATEGY:Make a real whisky battle between the competitorsRESULTS:According to Nielsen research bourbon Jim Beam became №1by sales in December, 2011 taking the lead over its main com-petitorJack Daniels.TASTECHALLENGE.RU
  31. 31. According to RESULTS:Launch Spanishwhisky DYC in Russian market Objective is reached.STRATEGY: Russian DYC website:Integrated campaign based on key Spanish values (the whisky country)
  32. 32. CHALLENGE:Create an integrated campaign for Sauza tequilaCreate an information resource about Nustro tequila projectSTRATEGY:Develop a project site with next content:- Recipe of the huge cocktail “Sauzarita” making- Use the code from Sauza bottle to download the music- Find their photos from Tanuki restaurant- -Find out more information about the tequila
  33. 33. We are always open to new collaboration!Vladimir Levochkin, CFO : Russia, MOSCOWNEW BUSINESS + 7 495 545 45 86+ 7 903 158 13 84 Moscow, Perevedenevsky side-street, 18, bld. 3