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Participatory surveillance ppt

  1. 1. Participatory surveillance Olga Ivanova Interactive media and knowledge environments Master Thesis Presentation 09.11.09
  2. 2. Research question How simple surveillance becomes participatory surveillance? Hybrid web as new way of social behavior (hybrid storytelling, art, marketing) PLAN of thesis Abstract
  3. 3. Main parts of the thesis  Theoretical literature review  Practical: scenarios  Results and analysis of data  Design-based research and discussion
  4. 4. The goal To analyze participatory surveillance that is happening in web 2.0 environment
  5. 5. The problem New type of participatory hybrid media space, where is appearing different social storytelling, art, and marketing possibilities that are needed to be more deeply explored HYBRID ECOLOGY and SWARM BEHAVIOR
  6. 6. Theory Web 2.0: Social web environment, tools, Users Beyond the web: locative media and ubicomp Surveillance: Participatory surveillance, Social surveillance Hybrid ecologies: Swarming paradigm, social navigation, storytelling, hybrid marketing Social behavior Media art, Social Art
  7. 7. “The comparison of swarm behavior to human interaction has become increasingly relevant as human instincts and social technologies have merged to create an unprecedented collective intelligence” By Chuck Brymer
  8. 8. The environment created by means of: web- and locative based communication technologies, that different social media (social software), mobile, and other interactive and geo-locative devices. Hybrid Ecology converse
  9. 9. Conversions
  10. 10. Benefits of web 2.0  self-promotion;  personalization and info filtering;  remixability of content;  democratized participation;  multiple channels of distribution;  bookmaking and tagging;  collaboration online;  automatic recommendations according to user’s interests.
  11. 11. Practical part  Research social media tools;  Conduct participatory surveillance experiments by created scenarios  Analysis of other surveillance artmedia projects
  12. 12. First web-based tested system in hybrid ecology Scenarios
  13. 13. Scenario of hybrid marketing #zombiewalkest Strategy and goal:  make the awareness in different web 2.0 apps, attract people to the event. Make people participate in communities, join flashmob, tell stories, make photos, so that there would be activity and talks about the brand not only in static forums
  14. 14. Results  and analysis of the data Instruments: participatory design experiment, online survey, social environment  Participatory experiments - Scenarios in action, promotion of idea through social web·       Survey: questions to people and friends in community  Monitoring and Feedback (statistics from different sources like blogs in created environment)  Examples (What has already done in these areas?)
  15. 15. Web 2.0 Users Survey The survey
  16. 16. Technology involved in
  17. 17. Scenario of hybrid art Hypothetic visual result of web-based hybrid art experiment “Hybrid urban being”
  18. 18. Discussion  How simple surveillance becomes participatory surveillance (What is the most effective scheme of pulling content and making people act in our experiments?  Which technical function people use for participatory surveillance? (What is working, what is not)  How participatory surveillance can be used for art, marketing, tourism etc? (experts thoughts from feedback)  How this hybrid art media environment influences society