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Headline writing


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Headline writing

  1. 1. HeadlinesThe billboards of the newspaper
  2. 2. Headlines have to get attentionO Make the reader want to find out more by reading the articleO Create curiosityO Promise answers to a questions or solutions to a problemO Include a key benefit
  3. 3. Rules for headlinesO Use present tense O Wildcats defeat TigersO Use active verbs O Survey reveals students fed upO Don’t use “be” verbs
  4. 4. More rulesO Leave out articles (a, an, the) O Student Council plans riotO Use comma in place of and O Journalism, English teachers quitO Keep all parts of a verb on one line O Winning students to travel to moon
  5. 5. More rulesO Keep adjectives and the nouns they modify on the same line. O Students want more say in cafeteria choicesO Avoid double meanings O BAD: March planned for next August
  6. 6. More rulesO Don’t repeat words O BAD: Students vote for Student CouncilO Use plain, simple words O BAD: Netters take top trophy O GOOD! Tennis team wins stateO Avoid names O Smith asks for recount
  7. 7. More rulesO Be active, not passive O Principal wins bull riding contest O NOT Bull riding contest won by principalO Lines should be the same lengthO Use downstyle--only capitalize the first word and proper nounsO Avoid duh! headlines--don’t state the obvious
  8. 8. Actual headlines What’s the problem?O Iraqi head seeks armsO Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkersO Teacher strikes idle kidsO Shot off woman’s leg helps Nicklaus to 66O Juvenile court to try shooting defendantO Miners refuse to work after death
  9. 9. What’s the problem?O War dims hope for peaceO Cold wave linked to temperaturesO Diaper market bottoms outO Sex education delayed; teachers request trainingO Queen Mary having bottom scrapedO Antique stripper to display wares at store
  10. 10. Steps for writing headlines: O Step 1 : READ the article; identify the underlying theme.
  11. 11. Step 2O Express the theme in an active voice using as few words as possibleO Active verbs lend immediacy to a storyO Active verbs attract readers
  12. 12. Step 3O Keep the headline in present tense
  13. 13. Step 4O Keep it simple.
  14. 14. Step 5O Provide enough information to give the reader an impression of the entire story
  15. 15. Tips & WarningsO Don’t try to be cuteO Make sure you don’t misrepresent the storyO Make sure the headline can stand on its ownO Always lead with the latest information
  16. 16. More problems…O Lawyers give poor free legal adviceO Fund set up for beating victims kinO If strike isnt settled quickly, it may last a whileO Death causes loneliness, feelings of isolationO Police discover crack in AustraliaO Stolen painting found by tree
  17. 17. And FinallyMan is fatally slain