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  1. 1. SME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERVer.2011. 10.CLASSICSPARTASPARTA ENGLISH DORMITORYIELTS Special Venue & Resource Center505 pcapacityIELTS Special Testing Venue
  2. 2. 1SME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERSME INFORMATION COMPANY NAME SME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERSmile Means Everything! ESTABLISHED OCTOBER 26, 2006 EMPLOYEES OFFICE STAFF MEMBERS IN KOREA / 8PHILIPPINE TRAINING CENTER STAFF MEMBERS 16 (KOREAN:15 / JAPANESE: 1)TEACHERS / 350 BUSINESS LANGUAGE INSTITUTION, ENGLISH CAMP AND JUNIOR ENGLISH EDUCATION CENTER ADDRESS (137-070) 601 6F Saint Hiyan Bldg. 1337 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KoreaTel 02-586-8677, Fax 02-586-8681 SME PHILIPPINES Sparta Campus (Talamban, Cebu City)Classic Campus (Mabolo, Cebu City)Sparta English Dormitory (Talamban, Cebu City) WEBSITES : ESL / IELTS Senior Center : online naver café : online cyworld club
  3. 3. 2SME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERSME HISTORY06y 07y 08y 09y 10y70150300370505 2006. 08. 26 Establishment of SME Philippines Training Center in Cebu (85 students) 2007.07 SME Philippines Junior Camp (6 weeks - 48 students) 2007.08 Partnership with BIT Computer Education Center 2007.12 SME Philippines Junior Camp (6 weeks - 68 students) 2008.02 SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) registration 2008.05 Establishment of SME Classic Campus located in Mabolo (capacity 300 students) 2008.07 SME Philippines Junior Camp (6 weeks -122 students) 2008. SME Online English 2009. SME Children Online English 2009.07 Establishment of SME Premium Dormitory (capacity 360 students) 2009.07 TESDA Accreditation 2010.06 Establishment of an additional building to the Classic Campus (maximum capacity 505students)
  4. 4. 3SME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERSME HISTORY 2006. 08. 26 SME Philippines Training Center Establishment in Cebu (85 students) 2007.07 SME Philippines Junior Camp (6 weeks - 48 students) 2007.08 Partnership with Bit Computer Education Center 2007.12 SME Philippines Junior Camp (6 weeks - 68 students) 2008.02 SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) registration 2011.04 Establishment of MOU agreement between ERC Institute and SME (EAP Program) 2011.06 British Council Authorised IELTS Registration Agent and Exclusive IELTS Testing Venue 2011.07 Establishment of MOU between UMC and SME for Centennial College Pre-EAP Program 2011.07 British Council Training Seminar exclusively for SME Teachers 2011.07 British Council IELTS Pre-Test on SME Campus 2011.07 First Official Formal IELTS Exam at SME’s Special Testing Venue
  5. 5. 4AdministrativeDirectorAccounting Staff /SecretaryAcademy DirectorDriverSecretaryR&DTeamADMIN. ADMIN.ACA-DEMYACA-DEMYCLASSIC Center SPARTA CenterCEBU Language CenterSMESeoul Office(Senior) Junior CenterCAMPONLINECenterADMIN MarketingSME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTER
  6. 6. 5SPARTA CAMPUSSME PHILIPPINES TRAINING CENTERCLASSIC CAMPUSESL Course IELTS Course ESL Course Premium DormitoryPremiumDormitorySME Sparta Campus is located in an area where educationenvironment is at best. It is only 20 minutes away from the businessdistrict and only a few meters from SME’s Premium Campus.Sparta Campus is near a number of internationally accredited schoolsand “Progressive Development,” is attained by all of SME students.SME Classic campus is located at the heart of Cebu City.It’s strategically located near all major businesses and otherrecreational facilities that is suitable for everybody.
  8. 8. 7Students have a choice of 2 campuses. Sparta campus has strict rules and regulations to keep students better focused on their studies.The Classic Campus works under a more leisure system. Students are free to their own activities after class hours. A “one-time” transfer,from one campus to the other is permitted during term of stay.1. Sparta and Classic Campus operates under different learning systems2. Specialized IELTS Guarantee Programs※ Pre/5.5/6.0/7.0 IELTS Program- SME offers PRE IELTS Courses to prepare students for standard IELTS classes.- 5.5/6.0/7.0 courses are available for all students planning to migrate abroad.※ IELTS Mock Exams are conducted every Saturday.※ Authorised IELTS Registration Agent and Exclusive Testing Venue of British CouncilADVANTAGES OF SME EDUCATION CENTER※ Red Diary ProgramRed Diary Program is to improve the student’s English proficiency level of the 4 basic skills by daily observation from their individuallyassigned 1 on 1 teachers.For the Listening and Speaking, class materials are utilized with innovative teaching methods.For Reading and Writing, students are provided with a particular topic to write about and must fulfill the minimum word count. Then,reading practice is administered by the teachers.Free SME t-shirts and other items are given to the students who completes the required number of entries.※ Specialized Golf Program Management- Students who enroll at our Classic Campus are given the chance to join professional golf programs.3. Sparta (daily 660 minutes intensive training) Classic (daily 360 minutes intensive training)
  9. 9. 8ADVANTAGES OF SME EDUCATION CENTER8. Students of various nationalities from all over Asia enroll at SME4. Weekly Test Score check-ups available through SME website7. All SME teachers and native speakers are university graduates※ The Sparta Campus includes swimming pool and rest area.SME education center provides convenient and safe facilities.Newly constructed buildings, spacious rooms, library. wireless network, swimming pool, convenience store and internet room,are all available on campus.6. Facilities and Amenities5. Various types of dormitory accommodation (Classic Campus)Students can choose various types of Dormitory accommodation (Room for 1/ Room for 2 / Room for 3)※ Room for 5 with 2 Bathrooms including Shower booths, spacious enough for 8.※ 3 to 4 month training period is mandatory to all teachers during employment to provide qualityeducation to the students※ Academic meetings and seminars are conducted on a weekly basis keep up with the constant alteringtrend of ESL education.
  12. 12. 11SECTOIONClassic (Mabolo) Sparta (Talamban) PremiumSTUDENTTEACHER(BRITISH)STAFF STUDENTTEACHER(USA)STAFF STUDENT STAFF290 150(1) 34 148 95(1) 37 67 4ACCOMODATIONConferenceRooms2 (seating capacity 150 each) 1 (seating capacity 70 each)Premium StudentsAttend Class at theSparta CampusFunctionRooms6 (seating capacity 30each) 4 (seating capacity 30each)1:1 room 161 rooms 80 rooms1:4 room 20 rooms 12 rooms1:8 room 4 rooms 1 roomsDiningroom170 seating capacity 120 seating capacityCanteen 08:00(open) ~ 24:00(close) 08:00(open) ~ 24:00(close)G Y M ○ ⅩPool Ⅹ ○Basketballcourt○ ○LocationDowntown(Near AYALA/SM Shopping Mall)Uptown(20 min distance to Shopping Mall)2 min walking distancefrom the Sparta CampusSME PHILIPPINES(CEBU)EDUCATION CENTER
  13. 13. 12ESL COURSE AND TEXTBOOKESL Course※ Group Class(1:4) / Native Class(1:8) are offered.※ After taking an evaluation test, students decide which classes they’ll attend.※ Class Duration: 90 minutesESL TextbooksCourse 1 1:1 Class(L/S) 1:1 Class(R/W) 1:4 Group Class Special Class Special ClassCourse 2 1:1 Class(L/S) 1:1 Class(R/W) 1:8 Native Class Special Class Special ClassMAIN Materials1. Reading & Writing 1/ 2/ 3/ 42. Listening & Speaking 1/ 2/ 3/ 43. SME EDUCATION STEP-UPSUB Materials1. SIDE BY SIDE2. AMERICAN HEADWAY3. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT4. READING ADVANTAGE5. GRAMMAR IN USE
  14. 14. 13“Course 1” Sample Time Class Content VenueMorning Sparta06:40~08:10Classic : 4 WeeksIntensive Training :Mon ~ FriGrammar Grammar/Idiom Function 1CNN-ez Listening/Dictation AVR RoomPattern/Idiom English Pattern Function 2Breakfast 80min BreakfastSpecial class1:1 Class 08:50 ~ 10:20 1st ClassBreak Time 10min Break TimeMovie 10:30 ~ 12:00 2nd Class 1stClass 2ndClass 3rdClass 4thClass 5thClassLunch 60min LunchSpeech Movie DramaWhat’sup?MusicGroup Class(1:4) 13:00 ~ 14:30 3rd ClassBreak Time 10min Break Time1:1 Class 14:40 ~ 16:10 4th ClassBreak Time 10min Break TimeMusic 16:20 ~ 17:50 5th ClassDinner 90min DinnerEvening Sparta19:00 ~ 21:00Classic : 4 weeksIntensive Training :Mon ~ ThuTOEIC TOEIC/TEPS Listening Function 1News & Sitcom Listening & Speaking AVR RoomIELTS Class IELTS Class Function 2ESL COURSE TIME TABLE
  15. 15. 14SME Step Up Program(Sparta Campus Only)Mandatory Courses for low beginners Course Exiting Requirement※Mandatory for low level beginners to attend these classes(1L,1M,1H).This intensive program is to teach students better study methods and to gain self confidence. Students are able to communicate inEnglish through memorizing vocabulary, idioms and repetition of complete basic sentences structures.● If a student’s attendance ratio is below 90% in a 4 week period, they’ll receive 1 warning.● If a student is absent in 3 successive classes, it will be counted a warning.● If a student fails to pass a re-test, it will be counted as a caution(3 cautions = 1 warning)Type of exam Score DistributionTOEIC Above 430 ~990IELTS Above 3.5 1.0 ~ 9.0SME(Cambridge Test)Above 2L1L ~ 5H(15 steps)※Students are given the choice tochange courses when they achieve oneof these minimum test scorerequirements.Monday ~ Thursday FridaySchedule CompositionScheduleCompositionMorning(90")06:40 ~ 08:102" Music 2" Music15" Vocabulary (Listening)25"Weekly Review-Vocabulary(Speak-up Loud)15" Idiom (Listening)20" Memorization25"Weekly Review-Idiom(Speak-up Loud)20" Repetition23" Speak-Up Loud 38" Weekly Review TestEvening(90")19:00~20:402" MusicFree15" Vocabulary (Speak-up Loud)15" Idiom (Speak-Up Loud)20" Memorization20" Repetition18" MemorizationEvening Test(20")15" Test:idiom 30/vocabulary 705" Marking (70% Up Pass)Re-test 21:00~ 20" 70% Under Re-Test
  16. 16. 15SPARTA CLASS RULESMORNING AND NIGHT SPARTA CLASSMorning Sparta Classes Evening Sparta Classes LEVELS(SPARTA Campus) LEVEL(CLASSIC Campus)Step Up Program(SPARTA) Step Up Program(SPARTA) 1L, 1M, 1HPattern TOEIC/TEPS Listening 2L, 1L, 1M, 1H, 2LGrammar News & Sitcom 2M 2MCNN IELTS 2H↑ 2H↑1. Sparta students must attend all classes for the 1st month of stay.2. After the first 2 weeks of stay, students have the option to change teachers every Thursday.3. All students must attend morning and night Sparta classes. They’ll be given a choice after a month into theirenrollment to either continue attending morning and night classes or study on their own.※ Students must attend their regularly assigned classes. If for any reason a student decides to attend anotherclass, that student will be considered absent and will be given a warning.※ Students must maintain a class attendance rate of above 90% in these classes. Failure to do so will result in awarning and other consequences, if necessary.
  17. 17. 16IELTS COURSECOURSE DESCRIPTIONCOURSES COURSE-1 COURSE-2 COURSE-3TARGET SCORE Pre IELTS Overall 5.5 ↑ Overall 6.0 ↑ Overall 6.5 ↑ Overall 7.0 ↑SUBJECTS(90 mins perclass)⦁ 1:1▶ R/W⦁ 1:1▶ L/S⦁ 1:4▶ DISCUSSION⦁ 1:8▶ PRE IELTS⦁ 1:1▶ READING⦁ 1:1▶ WRITING⦁ 1:2▶ SPEAKING⦁ 1:8▶ LISTENINGREQUIREMENTS NONETOEIC 490 orIELTS 3.5 aboveTOEIC 680 orIELTS 5.0 aboveTOEIC 800 orIELTS 6.0 above Actual IELTS 6.5above※ FORMAL EXAM SCORES ANDSME ASSESSMENT TESTS ARE AVAILABLEPERIOD NONE12 WEEKS※ If there is a gradual decrease in scores, guarantee will be subject for terminationBENEFITS NONEFREE IELTS EXAM (SME Classic Center, Parklane Hotel)Students with 3 or more warnings will be excludedFREE TUITION AND EXAM FEE (Center stay required!)NOTE ◇ CLASS HOURS → 660min: Regular360min + Sparta(4 weeks)Class 210min + Special Class(Optional) 90min▣ For students who enroll for 12 weeks with a minimum score of 5.5 and have less than 3 warnings, SME will pay the formal IELTSexamination fee.▣ Pre – IELTS is for ESL students. Pre-IELTS is a preparation course for low level students.▣ All IELTS students are required to take an evaluation test at the start of enrollment, in addition to the weekly mock exams.3.5 is the minimum requirement score for all students. (Those with below the minimum, take Pre-IELTS courses)※ Benefits of the guarantee program: Students with 100% class attendance rate and no warnings will be rewarded with free tuitionand exam. (This does not include accommodation, visa and other miscellaneous fees).
  18. 18. 17“IELTS” Sample Time Class Content Study RoomMorning SpartaClasses06:40~08:10Classic/ Sparta : 4 weeksMon ~ FriGrammar Grammar/Idiom Function 1CNN-ez Listening/Dictation AVR RoomPattern/Idiom English Pattern Function 2Breakfast 80min BreakfastSpecial classGroup Class(Listening) 08:50 ~ 10:20 1st ClassBreak Time 10min Break TimeMovie 10:30 ~ 12:00 2nd Class 1stClass 2ndClass 3rdClass 4thClass 5thClassLunch 60min LunchSpeech Movie DramaWhat’sup?Music1:1 Class(Reading) 13:00 ~ 14:30 3rd ClassBreak Time 10min Break TimeGroup Class(Speaking) 14:40 ~ 16:10 4th ClassBreak Time 10min Break Time1:1 Class(Writing) 16:20 ~ 17:50 5th ClassDinner 90min DinnerEvening SpartaClasses19:00 ~ 21:00Classic / Sparta: 4 weeksMon ~ ThuTOEIC TOEIC/TEPS Listening Function 1News & Sitcom Listening & Speaking AVR RoomIELTS Class IELTS Class Function 2IELTS COURSE TIME TABLE
  19. 19. 18PurposeRed Diary InstructionsSouvenirsSME “RED Diary”(Daily Writing & Listening Activity)Red Diary Program is to improve student’s writing and listening skills. Student’s individual teachers correct grammaticalerrors and provide tips on how to write with better efficiency and through daily dictation practice, students improve theirlistening skills. All students receive a Red Diary on the first day of enrollment.1. Write a minimum of 200 words per day.2. Check writing with 1 on 1 teacher.3. Practice dictation for 20 minutes before class.4. These instructions are to be followed for 4 week terms. Studentsare rewarded with SME souvenir items upon evaluation.
  20. 20. 19Classic Campus1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 personsDormitoryCLASSIC CAMPUS1. Courses : ESL or IELTS2. Class Hours: 08:50 ~ 17:50 (After 4 weeks): 06:40 ~ 21: 00(Mandatory for the first month of study)※ All classes from morning to evening as well as regularlyscheduled classes are mandatory.3. Daily curfew is 11pm4. Available weekly tests (Saturday)TOIEC / SME Progress Test / IELTS
  22. 22. 21AVR Room 1:4 Class RoomBuilding A - ⅡCLASSIC CAMPUS
  23. 23. 221 : 1 Class RoomRest AreaBuilding A - ⅢCLASSIC CAMPUS
  24. 24. 231 person 2 persons 3 persons5 persons4 personsDormitory ACLASSIC CAMPUS
  25. 25. 24Academy Office AVR Room Study Room1:4 class Room1:1 class RoomBuilding BCLASSIC CAMPUS
  26. 26. 25Building B - GYMCLASSIC CAMPUS
  27. 27. 26Building B - GOLFCLASSIC CAMPUS
  28. 28. 27TV and DVD Refrigerator ClosetCorridorEntryCLASSIC CAMPUSDormitory B(IELTS Student Only)
  29. 29. 28Sparta Campus1 person 2 persons 3 personsDormitorySPARTA CAMPUS1. Course : Intensive ESL2. Class Hours: 06:40 ~ 22:00 (mon ~ fri)- Sundays : 21:00 ~ 23:00(evening sparta class)※ All classes from morning to evening as well as regularlyscheduled classes are mandatory3. All students are prohibited to leave campus duringweekdays. Weekend curfew is 11 p.m.- Sunday curfew is 8 p.m.4. Required Weekly Tests(Saturday).TOIEC / SME Progress Test / IELTS
  31. 31. 301:4 Class Room1:1 Class RoomFacility - ⅡSPARTA CAMPUS
  34. 34. 33DormitoryRoom for 1 person Room for 2 persons Room for 3 personsSPARTA CAMPUS
  35. 35. 34SPARTA & CLASSIC CAMPUS– WEEKLY TESTS• All SME students• All Sparta Campus students are evaluated through weekly exams.Participants• Weekly Exams start at 9 am every Saturday(Examinees must be present by08:50)• BREAK, TOEIC, SME Level Test(Cambridge ESOL), IELTSImplementation• Students receive their results on the following Monday from their SAs (StudentAssistant)• All results are gathered and given to students with their graduation certificatesResult1st week 2nd week 3rd week Based on 4 weeks4th weekWeekly Test Descriptions
  36. 36. 35SPARTA & CLASSIC CAMPUS– WEEKLY TESTS0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7CorrectAnswerRateAveragePartNo. ofCorrectAnswerCorrect AnswerRateAveragePart 1 5 50.0% 50.4%Part 2 14 46.7% 50.4%Part 3 8 26.7% 50.4%Part 4 10 33.3% 50.4%Part 5 25 62.5% 50.4%Part 6 8 66.7% 50.4%Part 7 32 66.7% 50.4%Point 425CommentsSA Teacher : TeacherTOEIC Result – 1 (06, Dec. 2008)Name : Hong, Gil-Dong (Nathaniel)Weekly TOEIC Tests
  37. 37. 36SPARTA & CLASSIC CAMPUS– WEEKLY TESTSPartsCorrectanswerRatePoints AverageListening . 3.0 3Reading . 2.5 3Writing . 3.0 3Speaking . 3.5 33.000.511.522.533.54Listening Reading Writing SpeakingPointsAverageIELTS Result – 3 (13,Dec. 2008)Name : Hong, Gil-Dong (Nathaniel)CommentsSA Teacher : TeacherWeekly IELTS Tests
  38. 38. 37SPARTA & CLASSIC CAMPUS – WEEKLY TESTSWeekly Test Score Results• A report of all the weekly test results isdistributed to all students upon graduation.The report is in graph format so the studentscan check his or her level of improvementduring their stay at SME.• Students can also check their scores online.(  My score)
  39. 39. 38SPARTA & CLASSIC CAMPUS– WEEKLY TESTSSME LEVEL Cambridge ESOL IELTSTOEICLOW HIGH5H 15 8.5 ~ 99615M 14 85L 13 7.5 921 9604H 12 7 871 9204M 11 6.5 801 8704L 10 6 741 8003H 9 5.5 681 7403M 8 5 621 6803L 7 4.5 561 6202H 6 4 501 5602M 5 3.5 431 5002L 4 3 371 4301H 3 2.5 311 3701M 2 2 251 3101L 1 1.5 250SME Level Test System
  41. 41. 40SME - SPARTA PREMIUM DORMITORY1. 2~3 minute walking distance from Sparta campus2. Two teachers live together with the students in each unit3. Good environment to learn and speak English on a frequent basis5. Fully furnished and personal lockers are provided to the students6. Transportation from the dormitory to the campus is available for students’ safety
  42. 42. 41Premium Tea TimeSME - SPARTA PREMIUM DORMITORYPERIOD TIME PROGRAM REMARKSMON ~ THU 21:30 ~ 22:30Late at night debate competitionDiary & Essay WritingMusic/ American DramaETC…Administeredcorresponding to thelevel of studentsFRI 20:00 ~ 21:00※ Two teachers will present their topic in front of all the students. Then, students are to brain storm and participate in a group discussion.
  47. 47. 461st floor(Living room, Teacher’s room)2nd floor(Student’s room: A type, B type)Type BRestroomType BRestroomTeacher’sRestroomTEACHER’SRoomTYPE ATYPE BTYPE BType ARestroomSME - SPARTA PREMIUM DORMITORY
  48. 48. 47Office in Korea : (137-070) 601 6F Saint Hiyan Bldg. 1337 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KoreaTel) 02)586-8677Sparta Campus (Talamban) : Tigbao St., Talamban, Cebu City, PhilippinesClassic Campus (Mabolo) : 2815, S. Cabahug conner, F. Gochan St., Mabolo, Cebu City, PhilippinesThanks a bunch.