CREST - Playa Viva Innovations in Community Development


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PPT of Presentation by Playa Viva at the Center for Responsible Travel Conference at Standford, Jan 21, 2010.

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CREST - Playa Viva Innovations in Community Development

  1. 1. Innovators in Coastal Tourism Symposium<br />Workshop 3: Community Engagement<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />Background<br />Principals<br />David Leventhal – Media and Technology Entrepreneur, Accidental Environmentalist<br />Sandra Kahn – Mexican National, Medical Professional, Environmentalist<br />Commitment to Innovative Models of Conservation and Sustainable Development in Mexico<br /> (1999) <br />Celebrated 10 year Anniversary<br />Casa Viva (2001) <br />“Green” Bed and Breakfast <br />2009 2nd Best Year<br />Playa Viva (2009) <br />Sustainable/Regenerative Resort<br />
  3. 3. Models for Sustainable Development in Mexico<br />Casa Viva<br />ZIH - Airport<br />Playa Viva<br />
  4. 4.<br />- Innovative Model for <br />Private Reserves<br />- 350,000 acres und Conservation Easement Program<br /><ul><li> REDD Carbon Credits
  5. 5. Local Programs for Reforestation</li></li></ul><li>Casa Viva Troncones<br /><ul><li> Solar Thermal Water
  6. 6. Grey and Black Water
  7. 7. Some Solar Electric
  8. 8. Edible Landscape
  9. 9. Social Architecture</li></li></ul><li>Playa Viva<br />200 Acres 85% in Private Reserve<br />1.3 km of Beach Front<br />100% Solar Off-Grid<br />Grey and Black Water Natural Management Systems <br />Permaculture Gardens, Forest and Estuary Restoration<br />Social Architecture<br />
  10. 10. Playa Viva Project Values<br />Promote Biodiversity<br />Generate more power than we use<br />Generate cleaner water, use less water<br />Promote Transformative Experiences<br />Create a Living Legacy<br />Promote “Meaningful” Community<br />
  11. 11. Evolution of “Meaningful” Community<br />Various Levels of Community<br />Real and Virtual Communities - (Chris Carfi)<br />New and Existing <br />Overlaps (On-going Volunteer Tourism) – Core to our Brand<br />Understanding the Community<br />History of Place (Bill Reed and Regensis)<br />understanding where it has come from to understand our role in its evolution<br />MIA – Environmental Impact Study<br />Understanding of key economic and social indicators <br />Defining the initial community engagement plan<br />New Frameworks for Viewing our work <br />6 Key Ecosystem Services – (Verde Venture/CI and Root Capital)<br />Climate Security, Water Security, Food Security, Health Security, Cultural Values, “Optional” Values<br />Biodiversity Threats<br />
  12. 12. Discovering The Local Community<br />The Community of Juluchuca – Town of 450 people<br />Aspirations of locals – “History of Place”<br />“Abundance and Biodiversity”<br />“Loss of Generation – to big cities or to ‘el Norte’ for work”<br />Evaluating Existing Resources and Industry<br />Light Industry – coconut candy factories<br />Minerals – Artisanal Salt<br />Agriculture – organic and traditional growers - LaCosta<br />Environmental (non-profit) – Turtle Sanctuary<br />The Watershed<br />Archeological Site<br />Playa Viva is situated on site of Xuluchuyan - old city of Juluchuca<br />What is our role in connecting pride in ancestry<br />
  13. 13. Example: Turtle Sanctuary<br />La Tortuga Feliz<br />All Volunteers<br />Located on Playa Viva land<br />Initial Direct Support<br />Equipment<br />Expenses<br />Ocean Foundation<br />Fiscal Sponsor <br />Raised Funds from 3rd Parties<br />SunPower Foundation<br />Solarized Sanctuary<br />“Now have the most modern turtle sanctuary in Mexico”<br />
  14. 14. Example: Sal Viva<br />Artisanal Salt<br />History of Place <br />Product is Under-Valued<br />120 members in coop - 80 Active<br />40 “Organic”/ 40 “Plastic”<br />Invest in Packaging<br />Opportunity Collaboration <br />– MicroFinance Leaders<br />Social Venture Network – Investors<br />Initial Order for Online Sales<br />Benefits<br />BALLE Model<br />Direct Benefit of Potentially 120 families<br />Brand Extension<br />Environmental <br />
  15. 15. Example: TerraCycle<br />Access to Market - US firm TerraCycle<br />History in Waste Management<br />Emergency Need to fill order<br />Partner with member of “Guest Community” – Noryol/GV<br />50 employees over 2 shifts<br />Fusing Bags for Target<br />Non-Certified Facility<br />Largest Employer and Power Consumer<br />Negatives:<br />Factory operated for 6 months, Had to release all workers<br />Positives:<br />Hired back many of the best workers for construction team and then Playa Viva Team (filter quality in local labor force)<br />Joint Venture with GentecomoNosotros AC resulted in development of new project ReBOLSAble<br />
  16. 16. ReBOLSAble<br />
  17. 17. Complete Community Commitment<br />Organic Agriculture Courses – (Water, Food)<br />Producers require markets for organic production<br />Supporting Existing Organic Growers (Water, Food, etc.)<br />Procuring Organic Seeds<br />Pre-buying Organic Basket<br />Promoting Basket to other B&B’s and Hotels<br />Promoting Network of Organic Producers and Consumers<br />Access to Capital and Markets<br />Turtle Sanctuary Support (Biodiversity) - expanding species<br />SAL VIVA and Salt Coop Support (Cultural, Economic)<br />Opportunity Collaboration Program <br />Integration with Poverty Alleviation Conference<br />Assist Locals in developing Eco-Tourism Opportunities <br />Model for Sustainable Tourism for the Mexico’s Coast<br />Serve as Catalyst and Promoter for other local eco-tourism and sustainable developments<br />Waste Management and Recycling Programs (Health, Cultural)<br />Education, Resources and Cultural Evolution<br />6 Key Ecosystem Services<br />- Climate<br /><ul><li> Water
  18. 18. Food
  19. 19. Health
  20. 20. Cultural Values
  21. 21. Optional Values</li></li></ul><li>Lessons Learned<br />Grow Organically <br />TerraCycle -&gt; ReBOLSAble<br />Expect to Move at the Local Pace<br />The Smaller the Town, The Bigger the Problems<br />Deep Cultural Issues <br />Careful of Role as Outsider<br />“Gringo Knows Best”<br />Leverage Local Leaders<br />The Best Relationships take time to Develop<br />Work side by side<br />Share Resources <br />Find Common Goals<br />Engaging Your Community Expands Your Community<br />i.e. SunPower<br />
  22. 22. Innovation in Community Engagement<br />Holistic Approach<br />Start with PV and work up to the watershed<br />Clean Water, Reduction in use of Pesticides and Herbicides, etc.<br />BALLE Model – Building Local Living Economies<br />Sal Viva, La Costa Organics, RemBOLSAble<br />3rd Party Ecotourism<br />Brand Extension, Mutually Assured Security<br />SLOW Travel<br />Playa Viva = Connecting People, Place and Food<br />Community Engagement is core to the Playa Viva guest experience<br />