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David Porter at #MCN2009 Talking about #wma09


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David Porter, Past President, Western Museums Association presentation at Museum Computer Network 2009 in Portland, OR

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David Porter at #MCN2009 Talking about #wma09

  1. 2. “ WMA has a people-scaled conference that lets everyone talk across job descriptions in museums. It provides an opportunity to get a holistic view of the field, and therefore better comprehend how museums function. It's not uncommon for a director and an emerging professional to have a conversation.” Susan Spero, JFK University Museum Studies Professor. A RISING TIDE:SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES: GREEN & BEYOND SAN DIEGO 2009
  2. 3. Highlights of the Western Museums Association TRADITION : 75 Years Old INDUSTRY-FOCUSED : A professional museum workers association OPEN AND ENCOURAGING : Socialization Professional Development Large Enough to Matter: Small Enough to “See Yourself in the Picture”
  3. 4. Core Values of the Western Museums Association Excellence Trust Leadership Inclusion Collegiality Sustainability Fun
  4. 5. <ul><li>Hands-on Activities at Conferences </li></ul><ul><li>Strong discipline support- ie registrars </li></ul>INDUSTRY-FOCUSED
  5. 6. <ul><li>A Place for New Leaders: Lisa Sasaki, Japanese American National Museum, Spearheads Sessions on: </li></ul><ul><li>Engaging Diverse Audiences </li></ul><ul><li>Encouraging Innovation & Institutional Change </li></ul>OPEN AND ENCOURAGING
  6. 7. New Online Presence-Westmuse on Wordpress & Facebook Realtime Twitter Developed by New Leaders and Old Guard, Collaborative, Diverse Subject Matter OPEN AND ENCOURAGING
  7. 8. Strong Presence by Native Museums “ The Buffalo in the Room: Talking about the Tough Stuff at Native Museums” OPEN AND ENCOURAGING
  8. 9. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE CONFERENCE * Educational sessions for varied audience of museum disciplines * Motivational General Sessions- Bob Welch, a storyteller and writer on Why History Matters Miranda Carroll – Curating the Museum of Islamic Art -Qatar * Affinity group lunches and informal meetings * Behind the scenes tours and social activities at area institutions Afternoon at Balboa Park – Exhibit Critique/Insider Tours
  9. 10. WHO ATTENDS THE CONFERENCE? Museum professionals from all segments & disciplines Executive Directors and trustees Registrars, Curators, Exhibit designers Educators Vendors- Shippers, architects, fabricators, insurers, tech tools Development, Marketing and communications Students and emerging professionals Diverse ages, experience levels, institutional sizes and types. Ethnically based and tribal museums Other organizations- BCMA and AAM
  10. 11. WHAT WERE CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS? SESSIONS? MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE? Culture Wars in the Gulf—The Emir of Qatar. The Louvre. Values. USS Midway Masquerade Tim Hart- Getty Institutional Research Metrics John Maccabee- City Mystery ARGs “Ghosts of a Chance” Stephanie Almeida- Boise State's EdTech Island in SL Wanda Chin & Terry Dickey- 30 Years Alaska Museum of the North
  11. 12. WHAT WOULD I CHANGE ABOUT CONFERENCES? Like many non-profit organizations around the country, the WMA has felt the strain of the national recession- the conference is no exception. The Conference/Hotel model isn't working. The cost $250 registration, room nights and airfare easily totals $ 1,000 and is not affordable for many of our members. Although WMA has been careful to monitor expenses and project income, the organization has experienced significant shortfalls in revenue for 2009.  Based on this shortfall, WMA began restructuring and that will take place over the next few months.