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LUV Presentation for Teachers


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Level Up Village (LUV) delivers pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + arts) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration between U.S. students and students in developing countries.

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LUV Presentation for Teachers

  1. 1. PIONEERING GLOBAL STEAM | 1:1 virtual, collaborative global STEAM (STEM + Arts) courses between students all around the world
  2. 2. LUV’s Mission Our mission is to globalize the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses.
  3. 3. Level Up Village courses engage students in the four C’s of 21st Century learning - while also improving Global Competency through meaningful STEAM interaction. ● Creativity ● Communication ● Critical Thinking ● Collaboration
  4. 4. 250+ Schools in the US Network 40+ Global partner Organizations 14,000 Students worked with a global partner to develop their STEAM & global competency skills 20+ Countries ~1,000 Videos Exchanged Per Week OURIMPACT 2012-2016 ~1600 Collaborations Per Month 20 In-school and After-school STEAM Courses 75% of 2017 Classes are In-School
  5. 5. Level Up Village ● In 250+ schools in the US with 40+ Global Partners in 20+ countries ● STEAM+Global Education ● “Take a Class/Give a Class” ● Curated, turn key experience for teachers to easily add STEAM PBL and Global Competency skills to their existing curriculum ● 1:1 exchange between students ● Easy to use Global Collaboration Platform ● Trained Global Partners ● Customer Support
  6. 6. Global Conversations: Malala Yousafzai Literature, Global Citizenship Ages 11-15 Global Conversations: The Giver Literature, Social Issues, Global Citizenship Ages 11-15 Global Language Lab Foreign Languages, Global Citizenship Ages 11-15 Global Scientists Chemistry, Engineering, Global Citizenship Ages 8-10 Global Sound Artists Sound, World Music, Global Citizenship Ages 4-7 Global Storybook Engineers Literacy, Engineering, Global Citizenship Ages 4-7 Global Programming: Animators, Creators, Designers Coding, Global Citizenship Ages 4-7, 8-10 and 11-15 Global Web Designers HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, Energy, Global Citizenship Ages 8-10 and 11-15 Global Inventors Literature, Social Issues, Global Citizenship Ages 8-10 and 11-15 LIST OF COURSES
  7. 7. Features Minimum Time Requirements Complete, No Fuss Package Competitive Cost Rapid Rollout Easily Deliverable To Entire Districts Level the Playing Field Progressive Approach Our courses complement existing curriculum Teachers around the country can easily add LUV’s courses to their existing curriculum. All of LUV’s courses align with several national sets of standards. LUV was also recently awarded the 2016 ISTE Seal of Alignment at the Proficiency Level for the 2016 Standards for Students.
  8. 8. ● Select an in-school, after-school or summer program ● Begin virtual exchange and STEAM Training ● Select your course dates 4-6 weeks in advance ● Receive your Global Partner School assignment ● Log into our teacher portal and assign students ● Start the course! How do I bring LUV to my school? ● NGO’s and tech based organizations globally ● 4-6 week training and onboarding program ● 100% renewal rate How do you find Global Partners? ● 1:1 devices, laptops, chromebooks, Tablets or a computer lab dedicated to this course What tech do I need? FAQs
  9. 9. TestimonialVideo @levelupvillage @levelupvillage Talk to us: (203) 357-5271 One Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT 06870