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Sales Gamification Case Study: Lawley Insurance

Presentation by Tom Engelhardt at the Buffalo Salesforce User Group meeting on how they used gamification of Salesforce to improve activity and opportunity management.

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Sales Gamification Case Study: Lawley Insurance

  1. 1. Gamifying Activity Logging andOpportunity ManagementSalesforce Buffalo User Group Meeting / October 9, 2012Presented by: Tom Engelhardt, Salesforce Solution Architect, Lawley
  2. 2. Our Problem• Inaccurate forecasts due to “messy” pipelines– Expired Close Dates– Lack of proper staging• Lack of activity logging– Who is doing what, when?– Stewardship reporting, which should be easy, waspractically impossible
  3. 3. The BIGGER Problem?• Nicely asking them wasn’t producing results.• Their “praise” of the system proved to be lip service, and webegan to question whether they saw the value of the system.• Instead of jumping on board when a data request could not befulfilled, some jumped to the conclusion that the system isflawed and Salesforce isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.We needed a new strategy to convince them ofthe value.
  4. 4. Our Approach• At the end of the day, we’re talking aboutgood, clean data entry• Make data entry for our worst systemadopters fun!
  5. 5. Gamification• Hot topic in CRM adoption and ROI• 10+ sessions at this year’s Dreamforce– Informatica and Comcast two case studies forgamifying sales
  6. 6. LevelEleven’s Compete• Native app• Point-and-click setup• Gamify practically any system behavior usingadvanced filtering capabilities• Affordable
  7. 7. Our 2-week Pilot ProgramBehaviors we wanted to motivate:1. Clean Up the Pipeline!a. Move the Stage of your Opportunities toanything but “Nurture” (even Closed Lost), andyou get 50 pointsb. Update the Close Date to 9/1/2012 or greaterand get 50 pointsc. Log Prospect phone calls for 25 pointsd. Log Prospect meetings for a big 75!
  8. 8. Activity Logging Results• Between 1/1/2012 and 8/17/2012, these userscreated a total of 1,259 activities.– This time span represents roughly 33 weeks. 1259 / 33 =approx. 38 activities created/week.• In the 2-week period of the contest, they created196.– 196 / 2 = 98 activities created/week• During the 2-week contest, these users created theequivalent of 257% of the average weekly activitiescreated in the prior 7.5 months.
  9. 9. Close Date Update Results• Between 1/1/2012 and 8/17/2012, the CloseDate was updated 202 times.• During the 2-week contest, it was updated307 times.• This represents 152% of the Close Dateupdates that occurred in the prior 7.5months in a 2-week period.
  10. 10. Stage Update Results• Between 1/1/2012 and 8/17/2012, Stageupdates occurred 171 times.• During the 2-week contest, 188 updatesoccurred.• This represents 110% of the Stage updatesthat occurred in the prior 7.5 months in a 2-week period.
  11. 11. Today?• Still a struggle, but they’re starting to get it.– Pipelines and their use in closing gaps– Activity reporting in the click of a button• Never-ending process• Use the app whenever possible to encourageadoption.