Dreamforce 2012: Leveraging Gamification to drive Sales Engagement at Comcast


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Presentation from Dreamforce 2012 by Todd Goodbinder, VP of Sales and Sales Operations at Comcast. Provides an overview of Comcast's sales organization, their move to salesforce.com, and how they used gamification to drive adoption and increase key sales behaviors.

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  • Quick Overview of ComcastFocused on three broad areas – Communications, Information and EntertainmentWith these areas are 6 unitsDistributionChannels: Broadcast and CableFilm & ParksOthers areas of Interactive Media and SportsBusiness Services is my focus – which is a 6 year business that leverages that great distribution network
  • Product standpoint = Most people are familiar with our Triple Play ProductsBut we also utilize our fiber backbone to provide Ethernet Services up to 10GAnd we are the largest Hosted PBX provider with our Voice Edge productsWhat makes the products so strong is the that are on a truly diverse network backup by 24/7 service
  • Growing 40% home grown solution to place orderCould track sales – Not understand the drivers of successAcquisition based saleforce – Excel or notepad for contacts & follow-upLeaders - No visibility into funnels = How Month is shaping upChurn – Lost Reps – Lose Productivity and All work/contact
  • Got past build vs buy debateLeaders wanted to understand how we utilizing the “big” investmentPower was tremendous of using a CRM = Nothing this group doesn’t understandView Prospect/ Opportunities /Appointments / ProposalsLeaders got the power - Sales Reps Questioned WIFM
  • Now we made the strategic investment– How do we get the reps to us itLaunched Chatter – Communication, but not utilizing the CRM functionsTrust me I tried to push them in – reporting on utilizing; having calls – some winsHere last year – saw contest builders and I had the ah ha moment – Use skills core to Reps – Competition and Motivation
  • No strategic initiative on gamification – Needed to solve a business problemNeeded to engage the reps and pull them into the toolPower to drive focus on ANY field in SFDC - Opportunities; Deal Size, AppointmentThe application sends out daily emails – so reps were driving each other to use the tool
  • Not only help pull the Reps inGot everyone on platform for contest – removed competing contestsGave leaders the ability to driving activity managementRemoved administrative burden – More than one occasion – announced a monthly contest – one update
  • We got the organization on one platform Driving activity management – in a way that engaged the repsThat is a WIN
  • Does it work?déjà vu – this a leader who was trying to manage activity – Appt / dayManual tracking Came up with sledgehammer – Post Labor day contestWe saw 127% increase – Not because of the application, but because of what it does – daily updates on who is performing at what level
  • About solving business challenges – I needed to increase adoption – Leverage investmentLevel11 - engage the reps by using competition and modificationWith keep the focus – through emails without the workloadNet Net Saleforce gave us the platform to leverage the business – Level11 is helping us get deeper usage
  • Dreamforce 2012: Leveraging Gamification to drive Sales Engagement at Comcast

    1. 1. Sales Cloud: Leveraging Gamification todrive Sales Engagement at ComcastTodd GoodbinderComcastNational Vice President of Sales & Sales Ops – Business Services#DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    2. 2. Communications - Information - EntertainmentCable Communications Cable Networks Broadcast Film Parks Other #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    3. 3. Business Class SolutionsComcast has the resources, products and supportcustomers need to be more competitive. Product Portfolio o Network Diversity o Scalability o o Reliability o o Industry Leading Data Service o o Lower Cost Higher Quality Voice o o TV for Business Needs o o Local 24/7 Business Class Support o #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    4. 4. Pre Salesforce Situationo Legacy “home grown” order processing toolo Lack of visibility into metricso Highly transactional sales forceo IT development lags business pace #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    5. 5. Leverage Salesforce Investmento Accelerate understanding of performance activitieso Improve utilization of CRMo Shift perception of Salesforce from management to sales tool #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    6. 6. Next Goal: Wider Organizational Adoptiono Management recognized value of Salesforceo Improve Chatter valueo Pull sales teams into Salesforce vs Pusho Drive Engagement through Contests #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    7. 7. Drive Sales Engagemento Focus team on success indicatorso Improve Salesforce tool engagemento Increase contest impact thru communicationo Use competition to motivate sales force #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    8. 8. Sales Incentives Practiceso National and local incentiveso Limited visibility of contests => Conflictso Incentives focused on outcomeso Lack of regular updates on contests #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    9. 9. Gamification Solution #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    10. 10. Demo#DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    11. 11. Communication #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    12. 12. Leaderboard #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    13. 13. Building a Contest #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    14. 14. Building a Contest #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    15. 15. Results: Average Appointments Set/Day Contest 35 Sledgehammer 30Teams Déjà vu w/ leveleleven % Change 25Wallace 10 33 230% 20 Déjà vuWright 9 17 89% Sledgehammer 15DeWitt 8 14 75%Franke 5 11 120% 10Hayes 5 9 80% 5 Total 37 84 127% 0 Wallace Wright DeWitt Franke Hayes #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    16. 16. Feedbacko Competition skyrocketedo Contest administration burden removedComcast Quotes:o Sales Ops Manger - Jason Franklin “….results are instant and everyone knows where they stand”o Sale Manager - Dan Oleson “…The email updates and Team Ranking keeps the Contest objective in minds of our Sales Team...” #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    17. 17. #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement
    18. 18. #DF12Gamification #DF12Engagement