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ITLC Ha Noi : Openstack From Atlanta to Ha Noi - Networking


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Đem không khí nóng hổi của sự kiện tại Atlanta về Hà Nội, Dưới đây là bài trình bày của anh Hải về Networking trong OpenStack có nhiều cái mới, mọi người tham khảo

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ITLC Ha Noi : Openstack From Atlanta to Ha Noi - Networking

  1. 1. OpenStack Networking From OpenStack 2014 Atlanta Nguyễn Thanh Hải
  2. 2. Topic Networking ● OpenDayLight (SDN) ● Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) ● Network policy ● HA L3 Agent ● Neutron
  3. 3. OpenDayLight ● Sesion ○ OpenStack Integration with OpenDaylight ○ Using OpenDaylight Within an OpenStack Environment
  4. 4. OpenDayLight OpenDaylight is an Open Source Software project under the Linux Foundation with the goal of furthering the adoption and innovation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) through the creation of a common industry supported platform
  5. 5. OpenDayLight Controller Control plane
  6. 6. OpenDayLight OpenDaylight is multi-project ▪ 15 projects currently in “bootstrap” or “incubation” ▪ Bringing components together in a simultaneous release ▪ Code name: Hydrogen ▪ Delivered: February 3rd, 2014 Several “editions” to group related functionality together ▪ base, virtualization, service provider ▪ virtualization edition will provide OpenStack integration
  7. 7. OpenDayLight
  8. 8. NFV ● Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  9. 9. NFV
  10. 10. NFV
  11. 11. NFV ● Optimized (Energy & Network Efficiency) ● For Service Provider ● NFV Value Proposition ○ NVF is a killer use-case for Openstack ● Call for community action ○ Scheduler Gap and a candidate solution [e.g.SolverScheduler, blueprint exists, code pushed for review in Icehouse] ○ Cross-Scheduler API w. constraints [e.g. augment server-groups API released in Icehouse] ○ Neutron hooks for Virtual Network Services (and API)
  12. 12. Network Policy ● Session ○ The Network as the Security and Policy Enforcement ○ Network Policy Abstractions in Neutron ○ Network Policy ● Group base policy
  13. 13. Network Policy
  14. 14. Network Policy Contract SLA
  15. 15. Network Policy Security ● Isolate tenant
  16. 16. High Availability in Neutron L3 Agent Healthcheck
  17. 17. High Availability in Neutron VRRP
  18. 18. Others ● Scale-out network node ○ Ebay ○ Cloudscaling ○ Bug and bug ● Deployment Neutron ○ L2 or L3