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Lipo Visionary Presentation

  1. 1. State of the Art Ingredients with the Lowest Cost Per Day! 1
  2. 2. Visionary Nielsen shows FDM --Eye vitamin category is a $100 million category Growing category with ageing baby boomers --- “Graying of America” Aging “Baby Boomers”: want to take care of themselves, are more active than their parents, and are looking for the ways to keep healthy One in three older adults will be affected by Macular Degeneration The AREDS 2 study (conducted by the US Government NIH Agency) shows the efficacy of increased amounts of Lutein and Zeaxanthin and recommends the inclusion of Omega 3 Fish Oil in a daily regiment as the best defense for avoiding Macular Degeneration The Market is currently dominated by two brands ◦ Preservision (Bausch and Lomb) ◦ I Caps (Alcon Labs) Lots of duplication and similarity between the two leading brands: ◦ Duplication in formula ◦ Duplication in sizes ◦ Confusion by the consumer Some current items require the consumer to take up to 4 tablets per day --very expensive and difficult to comply 2
  3. 3. Lipotriad A Proud Tradition of Eye Vitamins Lipotriad has a successful 50+ year history– the “Original Eye Vitamin” Original Lipotriad is a core item in the independent drug class of trade New owner in 2010; reintroduced product, new graphics, reintroduced to the Trade Original Lipotriad is a caplet containing 15 ingredients And now introducing the newest member of the Lipotriad family… 3
  4. 4. Visionary 4
  5. 5. Lipotriad Visionary Gives the Consumer the right product to help them take care of themselvesConsumers Want: Proven formula backed by research from the US NIH Areds 2 study—with Lutein and Omega 3 fish oil ONE dosage per day Easy to swallow soft gel Competitive cost per bottle Tested product; formula is proven seller in Europe Product that helps “me” to live a better life— ”Helps you see the future” 5
  6. 6. The New Lipotriad Visionary Delivers What the Consumer Wants Packed with industry leading amounts of the recommended key ingredient-- 12 mg of Lutein ◦ Also includes 250mg Omega 3 fish oil ◦ Formula confirmed by the AREDS 2 study- (Study conducted by the US NIH – National Institute of Health on eye vitamins) ◦ Based on the best selling formulation in Europe Low cost to consumer ◦ 60 count bottle keeps the out-of-pocket cost to the consumer affordable ◦ Delivers a low cost per day dosage: ONE gel cap per day– NOT two or four ◦ Addresses consumers’ needs of wanting “more for less” Easy to swallow size “number 8” soft gel—Significantly smaller than competitive items -- Smallest on the market Helps older active adults take care of themselves. “Helps You see in the future” ◦ Easy to Swallow ◦ Easy to Remember once per day 6
  7. 7. Lipotriad Visionary has all the right ingredients as recommended by the AREDS 2 study ◦ Lutein 12.5mg ◦ Zeaxanthin 1mg ◦ Omega 3 250mg ◦ Vitamin C 113mg ◦ Vitamin E 100lu ◦ Zinc 17.4mg ◦ Copper 4mg 7
  8. 8. Lipotriad Visionary-- Class Leading Lutein The NIH AREDS 2 study confirms that Lutein is the key ingredient for fighting the onset of Age Related Macular degeneration ◦ Lipotriad Visionary 12.5mg ◦ Icaps lutein and Omega 3 10mg ◦ Ocuvite 6mg ◦ Preservision 5mg ◦ Preservision 2 2.5mg ◦ Icaps 2mg Nobody even comes close! 8
  9. 9. Lipotriad Visionary Let’s talk about Omega 3 Consumers today understand the value of Omega 3 It is estimated that consumption of Omega 3 will rise 40% by 2014 AREDS 2 NIH Study recommends Omega 3 for the prevention of Macular Degeneration Today’s eye vitamins need to have Omega 3 as a key component to comply with the latest research Lipotriad Visionary contains a full 250mg of Omega 3 9
  10. 10. Lipotriad Visionary A World Class Eye Vitamin Lipotriad Visionary- Product formulation developed and tested in Europe Ingredients were confirmed by the AREDS 2 study conducted in the United States Production is in a state-of-the-art facility in Australia Distributed from Edison New Jersey Lipotriad LLC is a minority (female) owned business 10
  11. 11. Lipotriad Visionary Summary Eye vitamins are a high velocity $100 Million category (Nielson 52 weeks) The eye vitamin category is growing as America is getting older Macular degeneration hits 1 of 3 older adults Lipotriad Visionary ingredients are confirmed by the AREDS 2 NIH study Lipotriad Visionary has class leading 12mg Lutein Lipotriad Visionary has a full 250mg of Omega 3 Lipotriad Visionary is the smallest gel cap (size 8) resulting in the easiest tablet to swallow Lots of duplication and confusion in the category; not so with Lipotriad ONLY one gel cap per day is the recommended dosage Low cost to the consumer per day Lipotriad is ready to ship Q2 2012 11
  12. 12. Is There Room On The Shelf? Eye Vitamins are a high velocity category with $100 million in FDM sales (Nielsen 52 week) It is a growing category Lots of duplication with existing brands in both ingredients and sizes Current products contain large, hard to swallow tablets and caplets, only Lipotriad Visionary has a number 8 easy to swallow gel cap Lipotriad Visionary delivers all the AREDS 2 recommended ingredients in only 1 small easy to swallow gel cap! Adds a high value brand to the eye vitamin section that is unique to competition Consumers get the best ingredients and a low cost per day! Lipotriad Visionary has outstanding graphics that draw consumers attention 12