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Integrated gift planning the walmart way


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A workshop presented by Boyd McBride and Jose Van Herpt at the 2013 CAGP National Conference.

SOS Children’s Villages Canada is a medium-sized Canadian charity with a not-so- big brand in the marketplace. SOS began its work in Canada from scratch less than twenty years ago. Over the years, it has built a modest donor base, and has slowly integrated different strategies and tactics to create a diversified mix of revenues and donors.

SOS knows the value of planned giving – yet it lacks the resources to assign big money or full-time staff to the effort. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing some very important work!

 Legacy marketing has been strategically integrated into the SOS direct marketing program
 SOS website has been re-designed to incorporate storytelling and to motivate donors to make bequests
 SOS senior staff and volunteers synergize planned giving with major gift work in a seamless and effective way
 Stewardship program at SOS has been carefully designed to make donors feel appreciated – AND to plant the seeds of legacy giving

SOS Children’s Villages is a case study that’s applicable to thousands of gift planners who aspire to more ambitious programs but who don’t have unlimited time and budget to dedicate to the effort.

The SOS gift planning program is lean, strategic and synergistic. It makes use of just about every available donor touch point to cultivate donor loyalty and commitment – and to leverage that loyalty into higher order giving. And the best thing is – NONE of this is rocket science! Once participants see how SOS has done it, they’ll realize that they can do it too.

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Integrated gift planning the walmart way

  1. 1. Integrated Gift Planningthe Wal-Mart Wayhow to use multi-media to promote bequestswithout breaking the budgetBoyd McBride, CFREJose Van Herpt, CFRECAGP 2013 National Conference
  2. 2. Your PresentersBoyd McBride, CFRE, AFP OttawaOutstanding Fundraising Executive,launched Canadian Red Cross’legacy giving program 1990, workedon SOS Canada’s for last 12 yearsJose Van Herpt, CFRE, GoodWorks Principal & Chief Counsel,AFP, CAGP, advisor to numerouscharities on legacy giving /marketing
  3. 3. Our Theme Today …Legacy Promotion Works• This is worth doing.• You can do it.• You can do it without big expense.• You can start next week.• You will see results soon.• The money will follow.
  4. 4. This is worth doing
  5. 5. This is worth doing020406080100120140$0$100$200$300$400$500$600$700$800$900$1,000ThousandsLegacies # of Expectants
  6. 6. Eight Things You Can DoThat Won’t Cost a Dollar
  7. 7. #1:Use YourWebsite
  8. 8. 1. Use Your Website (cont.)Leave a LegacyPlanned Giving: an OverviewThe Wilms continue their gift of love to the children of AfricaA personal story from a long time volunteer (Maria Virjee)Legacy Giving – the Pain and the Gain (My personal story ofthe death of a legacy giver)Wills & Bequests (Headline: Your ultimate gift: a bequest toorphaned children )Why you should consider giving through your WillLife Insurance - present and after lifeQuestions and Answers about Life InsuranceThe two basic optionsRemainder Trusts
  9. 9. #2: Use Your Direct Mail
  10. 10. #3: Use Your Annual Report
  11. 11. #4: Managing InquiriesLetters you’ll need:– ‘Thank you for your inquiry– can we talk?’– ‘Thank you for letting usknow you’ve already madea planned gift – can wetalk?’– ‘Thank you for yourinterest and your specificquestion(s) – can we talk?’Maria Virjee – The face oflegacy giving for SOS Canada
  12. 12. #5: Frequently Asked QuestionsMake sure staff knowwho to connectinquiries to.Equip all staff andkey volunteers with afact sheet andanswers to FAQs.
  13. 13. #6: Allied Professionals
  14. 14. #7: Create a Club
  15. 15. #8: Talk about it
  16. 16. So what are you doing?That is not costing you moneyThat you have a sense is working well
  17. 17. It pays to be talking about this
  18. 18. Things You Can Do with Money
  19. 19. Mail Package
  20. 20. SOS Love Story“If you love children as Ido, I sincerely hope youwill give carefulconsideration to making alegacy gift to SOS … Evena small portion of yourestate can give children ahome, warmth, happiness,a good education andmedical care – and mostimportantly, an SOSmother who will raisethem until adulthood.”
  21. 21. Newsletter Options
  22. 22. Cultivation / Stewardship ToolsPromotional Brochure
  23. 23. Cultivation/Stewardship Tools
  24. 24. Toolkit of Copy• Donor testimonials• Donor profiles• Stories of success• Newsletter articles• How gifts help• Vision• Ad copy• Long / short versions
  25. 25. So what are you doing?That costs you time AND moneyThat you have a sense is working well
  26. 26. Barriers to Moving Forward
  27. 27. Overcoming Those Barriers
  28. 28. Resources to Check Out• Canadian Association of Gift Planners (• Websites of large charities promoting legacy giving (WWF; UNICEF;Red Cross; United Church; World Vision...)• AFP’s and Charity Village’s consultant directories• Frank Minton and Lorna Somers’ Planned Giving for Canadians – thedefinitive book.••••• There are others…collect them, find a new one each week, getoutside of your zone.
  29. 29. Thank You & Good Luck!Jose Van Herpt, Good WorksBoyd McBride, SOS Children’s Villages