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Inside Tony’s Toolbox


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A session presented by Tony Lee, Canadian Cancer Society – Ontario Division; Tim Staunton, Canadian Cancer Society – BC & Yukon; and Holly Wagg, Good Works, on April 9 at the annual CAGP conference in Vancouver, BC.

No matter how small or large your planned giving program, you will pick up tried and true legacy marketing strategies at this session! The Canadian Cancer Society is one of the biggest grass-roots charities in the country, with the resources and staff to try many different legacy marketing tools and evaluate their impact. In this session Tony, Tim and Holly will show you lots of them, and what have proven to be the most effective ways to expand their donor base.

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Inside Tony’s Toolbox

  1. 1. Inside Tony’s Toolbox Tony Lee, Canadian Cancer Society Tim Staunton, Canadian Cancer Society Holly Wagg, Good Works
  2. 2. Tony Lee Director of Planned Giving
  3. 3. Tim Staunton Charitable Giving Advisor
  4. 4. Holly Wagg Chief Digital Architect & Philanthropic Counsel
  5. 5. Learning Objectives 1) Be inspired by a variety of marketing tools and unique event ideas to promote and grow your planned giving program. 2) Leave with at least one or two new ideas you can take back to the office to implement.
  6. 6. Planned Giving Toolbox Resources Required Program Staff Time • Checkbox on DM return slip • PG survey with receipts/DM Money • PG-specific DM • PG website • Free Wills Month/Network Staff Time and Money • Professional advisors (mailing, event, conference) • Estate planning seminar • Celebrity events
  7. 7. Checkbox on Direct Mail Return Slip • Simple legacy prospect identification
  8. 8. Planned Giving Survey With Receipts • Planting the seed
  9. 9. Legacy Mailing • Identifying and/or confirming new prospects
  10. 10. Legacy Mailing Survey • Reply device • Building engagement and establishing a relationship
  11. 11. Website • Why, not how • Build conversion funnels
  12. 12. Radio Ads • Build audience and awareness with key demographic
  13. 13. Personal Estate & Will Planning Guide • Why develop & offer a Guide? • “Dollars in the door” • Confirmed bequests in the pipeline
  14. 14. “Italian Networking Breakfast” • Not just for Italians…. • Great networking • Great coffee • Short formal program • Results
  15. 15. Promotional Pieces to Professional Advisors (Mailings/E-Mailings) • Goals • An example: Estate Tax Eliminator Clause • Development & dissemination • Results
  16. 16. • Well established in UK • Work through an agency • Solo or through consortium of charities • Best suited for causes with wide appeal to the general public • Free-Wills Network Free-Wills Month
  17. 17. • Encourage professional advisors to talk about philanthropy • Work through an agency • Conference Agenda • Best suited for causes with wide appeal to the public Professional Advisors Conference
  18. 18. • How and why – Be donor centred! • Work through an agency • Program – Seminar provides tax tips and inspiration – Encouragement to have a follow-up meeting Estate Planning Seminars
  19. 19. • Normalize charitable bequest • Don’t have to work through an agency • Program – Shortened performance – Testimonies – Give-aways • Follow-up meetings Celebrity Events
  20. 20. Thank You! Tony Lee Tim Staunton Holly Wagg