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#AFPBrains: Further reading and resources


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Further reading and resources for those interested in the science of fundraising. Based on Leah Eustace and Scott Fortnum's presentation, A Journey Inside your Donor's Brain, at the AFP International Conference 2013.

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#AFPBrains: Further reading and resources

  1. 1. A Journey Inside your Donor’s BrainFurther Reading and ResourcesThe following is just a sampling of further reading and resources (primarily the ones wementioned in our session), but there are many, many more. We’d love to hear about yourfavourites!Scientists and Researchers:  Dr. Raj Raghunathan, University of Texas  Dr. Paul Slovic, University of Oregon and President of Decision Research  Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Dr. Jen Shang, Indiana UniversityVideos Shown in the Presentation:  The Future of Storytelling: Paul Zak  The Science of PersuasionSpecific Studies:  “Mixed reasons, missed givings: The costs of blending egoistic and altruistic reasons in donation requests”  “Aging-Induced Conservatism and the Right Hemisphere Aging Hypothesis”  “Eye images increase charitable donations”  “If I look at the mass, I will never act: Psychic Numbing and Genocide.”  “A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of the “But You Are Free” Compliance-Gaining Technique”Miscellaneous:  Readability and comprehension  Clear print design standard  Research that will lead your fundraising astray  The Science of Philanthropy Initiative at the University of Chicago  Is announcing your goal killing your fundraising? 1|Page
  2. 2. Blogs, Magazines and Books:  Psychology Today Magazine  Neuromarketing Blog  Daniel Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind.”  Jeff Brooks’ Future Fundraising Now  Katya Andresen’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog  Stanford Social Innovation Review Journal  Robert Cialdini (all his books are fantastic)  The Good Works Blog  Beyond Philosophy  npEngageHow to get in touch with us:Leah Eustace, CFRE Scott Fortnum, ACFREGood Works The Living City sfortnum@trca.on.caTwitter: @LeahEustace Twitter: @SFortnum 2|Page