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L.s project2


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L.s project2

  1. 1. Seasoning habits must change
  2. 2.  Hong Kong people consume too much salt.  lack of awareness about salt consumption  choose the convenient option of eating out, but we forget chefs and vendors load excessive amounts of seasoning to enhance the taste of food The salt are harmful to us.  Lead to high blood pressure and increased risk of strokes. Methods to solve the problem  Reducing salt intake  A health policy governing the use of salt
  3. 3. • Surprised – Consume too much salt than daily necessary – afraid that I have high blood pressure• The chefs and vendors are quite crafty – Add a lot of seasoning to enhance the of taste food to sell more• The government should do something for us – Educate the public about salt consumption – Control the salt that add to the food or dishes – A proper health policy• We need to take action – Plan a scheme for us – Change our personal mindsets and attitudes By Chau ka yin
  4. 4.  Need to choose the food carefully to eat  many food are unhealthy  many food have a lot of salt in it Consume ten grams of salt daily  One dish of wonton is already had eight grams of salt  If we eat two dishes every day, we will consume sixteen grams of salt.  it is so much for our body  It is bad to us We should choose the food with low salt, sugar and oil.  Can consume proper amount of salt, sugar and oil By Wong Yuen Ki
  5. 5.  The food are too much salty now Hong Kong people consume too much salt a day  Have a bad eating habit Hong Kong people cannot solve this problem  Too busy  Don’t have enough time to eat healthy food  Have the time to eat the fast food The junk food are unhealthy  They contain too much salt and oil  The chefs add too much seasoning By Ng Ka Lai
  6. 6.  Hong Kong citizen should live more healthy  Their life are so busy  Don’t have time to eat some healthy food Eating fast food cause many problems  Blood pressure  Stroke Hong Kong citizen only care about the taste of the food  Never think about the chefs add too much seasoning to enhance the taste of food Hong Kong citizen take more cares about this problem By Joanna Lo
  7. 7.  Many people are not care the food that they eat  They are busy  They don’t have enough time Reducing salt intake helps prevent deaths from heart attacks and strokes  People should think more about their health and don’t eat the food that contain a lot of salt Think about our health  We can have a healthy life  Eat more healthy food By Chan Ka Yan
  8. 8. 1. Consume (攝取) Verb  to eat or drink2. Awareness (認知) Noun  knowledge that something exists3. Seasoning (調味料) Noun  a substance that is added to savory food to improve its flavor4. Vendor (供應商) Noun  someone who is selling something5. Stroke (中風) Noun  a sudden change in the blood supply to a part of the brain, which can cause a loss of the ability to move particular parts of the body
  9. 9. 1. Please name three kinds of food that contain salt. – Wonton noodles – Fried rice – Hamburgers2. Why do Hong Kong people consume too much salt?• Because we have a lack of awareness about salt consumption and we have bad eating habits.