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L.s project

  1. 1. Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School S.1 Liberal Studies Project Group number: 5 Group members: 1D Chris Chan (3) 1D Hazel Chu (10) 1D Jeffery Lam (14) 1D Eunice Lee (18) 1D Alan Wong (35)
  2. 2. Contents1. Abstract2. Introduction Of Social Relationship3. The Importance Of the Healthy Social Relationship4. Data Of Research Method5. Data Collected & Result6. Conclusion7. Appendix8. Division Of Work
  3. 3. AbstractWe are doing a project about thehealthy social relationship and we needto collect the data to finish it. Our mainresearch method is use thequestionnaire to collect the opinion fromothers.
  4. 4. Introduction Of SocialRelationshipDefinition of relationship-the bond or connection you have with anotherperson.Relationships are caused by-personal needs-social expectations-experiences in relationships-the things others do in relationships-our values and attitudes.
  5. 5. The Importance Of the HealthySocial Relationship If we don’t have the healthy social relationship, we will… - Feel unconfident when communicate with others - Hard to cooperate with others - Feel lonely It will disturb our life and cause many troubles when communicate with others.
  6. 6. Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School Questionnaire On The Healthy Social RelationshipData Of Research Method We are S.1 students at Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School. We are doing a survey on our classmates’ opinions on the healthy social relationship. The purpose of the questionnaire isMethod: to collect the students’ comments about the healthy social relationship. The questionnaire isQuestionnaire for purposes only. All questionnaire will be destroyed after the survey competed.Questionnaires 1. Do you think you have the healthy socialnumbers: 18 relationship? Yes___ No___Numbers of 2. Do you think a healthy social relationship is important?questions:8 Yes___ No___ 3. Do you know what is a healthy socialTarget people: S.1 relationship? Yes___ No___students 4. How do you keep a healthy social relationship?Type of questions: ________________________________________ _________MC question 5. What is the important of having the healthy social relationship?Yes/no question A sample of the ________________________________________Open-ended questionnaire _________
  7. 7. Data Collected & Result Q1. Do you think you have the healthy social relationship? No 33% Yes 67%Result: Most of the people thinkthey have a healthy social
  8. 8. Data Collected & Result Q2. Do you think a healthy social relationship is important? No 28% Yes 72% Result: They think the healthy social relationship is
  9. 9. Data Collected & Result Q3. Do you know what is a healthy social relationship? Yes 72% No 72%Result: Most of them don’t know the definition of
  10. 10. Data Collected & Result Q4. How do you keep a healthy social relationship? Have a 8 2 Treat good others with personali true heart ty.7 Have 2 more Care of communi others. cation.Result: They think we can keep the healthy socialrelationship by treat others with true heart and have
  11. 11. Data Collected & Result important Q5. What is the of having the healthy social relationship? 8 Have more friends 7 Get a more interesting life Result: They Feel 3 more think it is happy important because it can let us
  12. 12. Data Collected & Result Q6. What are the advantages of have a healthy social Result: Most of them relationship? think the advantages Others 0% of keep a healthy social relationship is Will not can make friends and feel lonely Can make friends will not feel lonely. 33% Make you 46% feel well 21%
  13. 13. Data Collected & Result Q7. How can you make a healthy social relationship? OthersResult: They think we Join more 5%can join more activities activities 6%to make the healthysocial relationship. Help Make people in need more 28% friends 61%
  14. 14. Data Collected & Result Which type of people included in your healthy social Others relationship? 0% Family 26% Classmate s Friends 43% 31%Result: Most of them thinkfriends are include in thehealthy social relationship.
  15. 15. Conclusion From the above results, we can see… - Not much people know about the meaning of the healthy social relationship. - So, the government should promote more information of the healthy social relationship and introduce the importance of it to the citizens.
  16. 16. Appendix1.www.jiskha.com/health/social_health/relationship.html2. http://lisakifttherapy.com/mental-health/emotional-and- relationship-health-social-networking-and-the-problem-f-over- connection/3. http://reviewessays.com/print/Healthy-
  17. 17. Division Of Work Duties Chris Hazel Jeffery Eunice Alan Chan Chu Lam (14) Lee (18) Wong (3) (10) (35) Design the ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ questionnaire Distribute and ^ ^ ^ collect the questionnaire Information ^ ^ research PowerPoint ^ ^ ^ ^ ^