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Existing solutions research


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Existing solutions research

  1. 1. Existing Solutions Research Name: Faith Leung
  2. 2. Island School WebsiteTarget Audience:Island School ParentsURL: give general information aboutthe schoolElements of the design you like:I like the colour used and the howthe colours are based on theschool logoElements of the design youdislike:Compared to other websites forschools I’ve seen, it’s very plain.Any feature you think is missing:There should more text in thehome page such as a welcomenote from the principal.
  3. 3. German Swiss International School WebsiteTarget Audience:GSIS ParentsURL: give general information about theschoolElements of the design you like:I like the layout and design of thewebsite. It’s very clear andorganized.Elements of the design you dislike:Like the Island School website, it’svery plain. They should use morethan one colour in their colourscheme.Any feature you think is missing:To make the website moreinteresting, the website background
  4. 4. MunichInternationalSchool, GermanyTarget Audience:MIS parents, students and teachersURL:http://www.mis-munich.dePurpose:To give general information about theschool and learning resources forstudentsElements of the design you like:I like how they presented the photos intobubbles and a slide show, this shows asense of creativityElements of the design you dislike:There aren’t that many bad things aboutthe website, however the colours don’treally follow and colour scheme.Any feature you think is missing:Maybe they can add a welcome notefrom a teacher or principal.