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Small custom aircarft


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Small custom aircarft

  1. 1. Linh T. LeTechnology Entrepreneurship Prof Chuck Eesley, Stanford University
  2. 2.  Understand the business structure at all aspects • Market Size • Customers • Competition • Capability Identify weakness(es) at each aspect Analyze and improve weakness(es) Re-structure for “Best” business idea
  3. 3.  Building a small custom aircraft • Custom built aircraft at affordable price • Sold as kit with assembly service • Target men 30+ with obsession to flight and income north of $500k • Partner with private aircraft fans, flight instructors, certificate centers. • Revenue included selling kit, providing optional assembling service and maintenance.
  4. 4.  Market Size: (N/A) Customers: • Address wrong customer target • Lack of customer structures Competitions: (N/A) Capability: • Unclear company roles • Insufficient partnership network
  5. 5.  Market Size • Define how many people with income $500k+ and want to assemble the aircraft themselves Capability: • Define company uniqueness: technology or customer base or other factors • Strategy reselling parts (as kit) or providing assembly service • Partnership should be expanded to potential customer network and also focused on effective marketing
  6. 6.  Competitions: • Assess competitive landscape includes due diligence in market share, technology, financial, management Customers: • Assess customer segments to tailor different products.