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DMA Go Integrated (door drop presentation)


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Presentation by CJ (All Response Media) and Mark Davies (TNT Post) at the DMA Go Integrated Conference 2012.

This slideshow looks at how offline marketing channels such as inserts and door drops can work alongside an online strategy; driving consumers online with a powerful response mechanism.

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DMA Go Integrated (door drop presentation)

  1. 1. 2011 Research Project CJ: Managing Director - All Response MediaMark Davies: Managing Director – TNT Post DoorDrop Media
  2. 2. Response rates decliningConsumers increasingly embracing theinternetMeasurement vital to understanding value(still) Feel print medium only partially judged
  3. 3. Previous research in 2009: variety of clientsusing just loose inserts◦ Toy retailers, cosmetic surgery, charity,% of measured response online = 52%Range was 24% to 76%Expected factors had an influence◦ Target audience, product advertised, media title
  4. 4. 2011- Insert Council collaborated with DoorDrop Council to include door dropsClients from wider range of sectors:◦ Charity, Finance & Retail
  5. 5. Timing: April - Jun 2011Volume: 3m items5 clients11 titles / distribution methods
  6. 6. Excluding the retail client the average %response to go online has risen….
  7. 7. 250,000 A4, 2pp leafletsDistributed via NewshareMosaic targeting (from existing customers)Overlaid on town catchments
  8. 8. Results:80% of sales in-store20% of sales online90% of online sales from new customers
  9. 9. Upmarket charity thatappeals to older, moremale donors800k inserts in bothnational press andlifestyle titles
  10. 10. Results:59% of donations onlineSimilar to average %across all activity
  11. 11. Cancer insurance product:New to UK market650k inserts in nationalpress and lifestyle titles300k door drop /Newshare
  12. 12. Results:83% of response was onlineAll of door drop response was online23% of all response was “Search Engine”
  13. 13. 250k via Royal Mail door drop, 250k viaNewshareUsed customer profiles to target relevantFinancial ACORN Types
  14. 14. Results:50% of leads were online50% leads offline27% of leads were converted to sale
  15. 15. Campaign similar to previous research500k inserts across national and lifestyletitles
  16. 16. Results:Online response was 32% (up from 27% inprevious research)◦ NB 3 response routes: Phone, coupon and webStill affected by type of title◦ Mass market TV title: 10%◦ Mid market Sun: 29%◦ Mid / upmarket Sat: 54%
  17. 17. Ave. %Response 20% 59% 83% 50% 32% 56% online
  18. 18. Online response is increasingOnline response range: 20-83%◦ “Personal” sectors are higher (as previous)◦ Retail still had 20% online – and new customers!Other factors affect % response online◦ Product being promoted◦ The number of response channels◦ The readership demographics◦ The online usage of that readership
  19. 19. Coupons are still a chosen channelImportance of phoneBut increasingly webWith added new technologies….Vital that response data is measured correctly
  20. 20. Online response is significantMeasurement is more vital than everNew technology can make measurementeasier and more accurateNew response channels can bring newcustomersThe Power of Print can work with the internet
  21. 21. A lot – so we had better measure it!