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  • Here is the list of links and dates for 2013
    EVO Sessions
    14 Jan – 17 Feb 2013
    A 5-week series of workshops about how to use technology in language teaching and learning
    Story Sharing Web Conference by the British Council
    9/10 February 2013
    3/4 March 2013
    Virtual Round Table Web Conference
    3-5 May 2013
    An annual 3-day web conference on language learning technologies
    in June/ July 2013
    SLanguages Annual Symposium
    27-29 September 2013
    CEFR Web Conference
    15/16 October 2013
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Web conferences for-languageeducators

  1. 1. Web Conferences for Language Educators Heike Philp let‘s talk online sprlJanuar 2003 Copyright let‘s talk online
  2. 2. About let‘s talk online 2003 Jan let‘s talk online started as live online language school EU funded LANCELOT, 23 EU partners to develop a teacher-training course for language 2005 Sept teaching in virtual classrooms Training center LANCELOT School GmbH 2007 Sept EU funded AVALON 26 EU partners to explore 2008 Jan Second Life for language learning 2009 Nov Virtual Round Table Web Conference 2010 Dec EduNation Islands, 30 residents incl. 6 Universities 2011 May DaFWEBKON (for teachers of German) SLanguages Annual Symposium 2012 May let‘s talk online sprl registered in Brussels EU funded CAMELOT (proposal) Copyright let‘s talk online
  3. 3. Q: What is web 3.0 going to be like? Web 1.0 = Read only Web 2.0 = Read and Write Web Web 3.0 = ? Copyright let‘s talk online
  4. 4. Web 3.0Web 1.0 = Read only SPEAKWeb 2.0 = Read and Write WebWeb 3.0 = Read, Write and ... > Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication Copyright let‘s talk online
  5. 5. Web Conferences and WebinarsVirtual Round Table Web ConferenceSLanguagesDaFWEBKONAVEALMECStory Sharing Web ConferenceLT SIG WebinarsTESOL WebinarsEVO SessionsIHTOC Copyright let‘s talk online
  6. 6. 5th Virtual Round Table WebCon 2012 #vrtwebcon 277 presenters 2697 unique visitors in 95 countries 1830 members signed up on the NING site www.virtual- round-table.com 18000+ recording clicks Copyright let‘s talk online
  7. 7. 6th SLanguages Annual Symposium 2012 #slang12 174 presenters 1356 unique visitors in 95 countries 714 members signed up on the NING site avalon- project.ning.com 5200 + recording clicks Copyright let‘s talk online
  8. 8. 1st DaFWEBKON 2012 #dafwebkon38 presenters415 unique visitors in 95 countries349 members signed up on the NING site avalon- project.ning.com4000+ recording clicks Copyright let‘s talk online
  9. 9. EVO Sessions Teachers of English to Speakers of Others Languages TESOL Convention 20-23 March 2012 Dallas, USA www.tesolconvention.org Copyright let‘s talk online
  10. 10. AVEALMEC Copyright let‘s talk online
  11. 11. American TESOL Webinars Copyright let‘s talk online
  12. 12. IH TOC 3 Copyright let‘s talk online
  13. 13. How to get started? Which plattforms work well? Where is the difference of virtual classroom/ virtual world? What do you have to watch out for? Number of attendees? Any other questions? Copyright let‘s talk online
  14. 14. Brainstorming Copyright let‘s talk online
  15. 15. Simulcasting Adobe into Second Life Second Life screenshared in Adobe Adobe Connect / Livestream Copyright let‘s talk online
  16. 16. Web Conferences 2013 2013 14 Jan – 17 Feb EVO Sesssions 9/10 Feb Story Sharing Web Conference 3/4 March DaFWEBKON 3-5 May Virtual Round Table Conference June AVEALMEC 27-29 Sept Slanguages Annual Symposium 15/16 Oct CEFR Web Conference Copyright let‘s talk online
  17. 17. let‘s talk online sprl Heike Philp Twitter @heikephilpheike.philp@letstalkonline.com Copyright let‘s talk online