How to learn a language in a virtual world


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Presentation for Lingue nella Rette course of the Italian University Online per la scuola che cambia nei corsi perfezionamenti.

List of links
Language Schools in Second Life
Other virtual worlds
Google Earth (runs in browser)
MMORGs Massively multiplayer online role-playing game Minecraft World of Warcraft **************************************
Steve Thorne (research on the use of language in World of Warcraft - keynote at IATEFL Glasgow online)
MachinEVO (free 5-week workshop on how to create machinima 14 Jan 2013 - 13 Feb 2013)

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How to learn a language in a virtual world

  1. 1. How to learn alanguage in a virtual world
  2. 2. 2003 Jan let‘s talk online started as Germany‘s first live online language school2005 Sept EU funded LANCELOT, 23 EU partners (2005-2007)2006 Mar Training center LANCELOT School GmbH2007 Sept EU funded AVALON, 26 EU partners (2009-2010)2009 Nov 1st Virtual Round Table Web Conference2010 Sept EduNation Islands, community in Second Life 1st SLanguages Annual Symposium2012 May 1st DaFWEBKON (for teachers of German) let‘s talk online sprl registered in Brussels2012 EU funded CAMELOT (proposal)
  3. 3. English
  4. 4. Spanish Cibola in SL
  5. 5. Learn Italian Italian
  6. 6. Deutsch
  7. 7. Monash University, Australia Chinese
  8. 8. Monash University, Australia Arabic
  9. 9. Deutsc h
  10. 10. English
  11. 11. MMORG Minecraft 4,5 Mill sold copies, 20 Mill users
  12. 12. World of Warcraft 10 Mill subscribers
  13. 13. Steven L. Thorne
  14. 14. Slanguages Annual Symposium
  15. 15. MachinEVO 2012
  16. 16. What is machinima?Machinima is the use of real-time 3D computer graphics rendering engines to create a cinematic production. 
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Machinima Mashup
  19. 19. What‘s the EVO in MachinEVO? Teachers of English to Speakers of Others LanguagesTESOL Convention 20-23 March 2013 Dallas, Texas, USA
  20. 20. MachinEVO Wiki
  21. 21. Expert advisorGromit Mayo, Executive Producer
  22. 22. Expert
  23. 23. Expert advisorHowdy Colter,
  24. 24. Expert advisorCharlie Navarathna, Video producer
  25. 25. Film viewing „My Avatar and Me“having met Film Director Bente Milton and Camera ManRob Gould inworld
  26. 26. CreAting Machinima EquipsLive Online Teachers• University of Central Lancashire UClan, Dr. Michael Thomas BA (Hons) M.Ed. MBA Ph.D. FHEA, UK (Project Coordinator)• Istanbul University, Tuncer Can Phd, TR• University of Western Bohemia, Mgr. Jana Čepičková, M.A., CZ• ICC The International Language Association, Elleanor Haase, DE• let’s talk online sprl, Heike Philp, BE• LinguaTV, Philip Gienandt, DE• Languagelab, Shiv Rajendran, UK• EduActive, Mateusz Czepielewski, Poland• TELL Consult, Ton Koenraad, NL• (Pending) Dublin City University
  27. 27. Workpackages• Language learning in authentic virtual environments / Authentic Learning (Real-time Video)• Machinima production in virtual environments• Social Media/ Youtube Community Building• User generated content• Teacher training course• Pilot test of teacher training course• Evaluation, Dissemination, Exploitation, Project management
  28. 28. User generated content
  29. 29. let‘s talk online sprl Brussels CEO Heike Philp Twitter