Win with Wikaniko - The Home Business Eco Friendly Opportunity


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This is a home based business opportunity with an award winning company where you can be paid for doing something worthwhile? No pressure, No deadlines, No hard sell and No high monthly payment required. You can leave at any time. In fact for now it is free to join us. You get your own eco friendly website packed full of eco friendly products, then the rest is up to you. You earn whatever you want or need to earn. There are opportunities to set up your own eco friendly cleaning business, your own natural make up business and lots more. You will also get all the help you need in getting started and continuous help along as you need it from a lot of people doing the same thing. Well worth a look!!!

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Win with Wikaniko - The Home Business Eco Friendly Opportunity

  1. 1. Win withWikanikoHome Business Income PresentationBy Trevor and Karen Blake
  2. 2. About UsSuccessful entrepreneurs in the field of home businessConsidered to be amongst the best trainers in the UKBuilt several work from home businesses over a 25year period, and have helped thousands to make anincome working from their kitchen table
  3. 3. We Retired to Spain once….3 Major Announcements!Sat on the beach for a month…….Then got very, very bored, so we started Wikaniko
  4. 4. Wikaniko (We Can Eco)We still had too much to offer too much to do.We wanted to help the environment – the beach we were sitting onwas full of rubbish that had been washed upWe wanted to help people – because we know how toSo we started Wikaniko via the internetWe started in the middle of the worst recession the world has everknownAnd we started using our own money. We never borrowed a penny(and we never will)We had a simple vision:
  5. 5. Our VisionTo help anyone, without regard to their finances, circumstances,education or background to create a secure financial future forthemselves and the people they care for.We will accomplish this by paying people to help protect the planetthat we live on, and to make the world a better place to live.Would you like to be paid for doing something worthwhile?It’s not a handout. It involves work. It needs effort. But with ourhelp, and by allowing us to teach you, we know that anyone whocan walk or chew gum at the same time could do it – even if theyhave never done anything like this before.
  6. 6. Wikaniko – The CompanyWikaniko is British – woohoo!Wikaniko is in its 5th year of tradingWikaniko does not owe a single penny to any supplier, bank, etc.Wikaniko is profitable – even in the worst recession ever known.Wikaniko did not use the boom and bust methodWikaniko is a Co-operative, run by the distributorsWikaniko shares the profits with the active distributors.Wikaniko has created some of the most innovative marketingmethods the home business industry has ever seen.They work. Simples.
  7. 7. Wikaniko – How it worksWe have almost 1000 eco friendly products, at sensible prices.These are retailed via catalogues, word of mouth, internet shop,craft fairs and eco events, etc.You get your very own Internetshop, running 24/7!You choose how you want to retailproducts – or not retail products.We’ll show you all the ways that retailing works. We don’t bothershowing you any that don’t work!Here’s the kind of products that you can offer:
  8. 8. The ProductsWe have so many products that people want. We have products that people need.And we have eco products that people rave about….Feminine careBody and skin care rangesCleaning ranges for both homes and small businessesLaundry productsAloe vera productsGardening productsVegan productsHealth and nutrition productsIn fact, lots of ranges of different products. Why be stuck with just one range whenyou can have them all?
  9. 9. Our Products v Commercial ProductsThe average person puts almost 100 chemicals onthemselves EVERY day before they even leave homeThe amount of chemicals in the average household is about 250.Most people’s houses are toxic waste dumpsAll of this adds up to poisoning of adults children and pets on agrand scale.There is a far better, nicer, and possibly more cost effective way…….….wait for the big sales pitch:
  10. 10. Our Products v Commercial ProductsCillit Bang - £3.65 - £3.95Full of chemicalsvEco2LifeMulti Purpose Cleaner £2.9520 Sainsbury’s tie handle refuse sacks 2.50Will clog up landfills for hundreds of yearsvOur biodegradable refuse sacks x 20£2.29Disappear into air and water after 18 – 24 monthsThere’s a great business to be had here!
  11. 11. Great Products, Great PricesAlmost 1000 products that people want, use, need everyday.There’s no ‘selling’ to do, it’s more a matter of educating others, asto where they can get all their eco products under one roof.So many areas of business to explore – we even have our own ecocleaning mini franchise!So just how do we get customers then?
  12. 12. Retailing FAQ’sDo I need to sell lots of products every month?Not at all. There are no requirements for you to do so, unless (andonly if) you have a team and want to earn an override on their salesSo how much do I have to do to get paid from my team’s efforts?36CV (about £40 in a month). This can be from your own usage,online sales, etc.Is that it?Yes.What is the best way to get customers?Your way is the best wayTell me more about online sales, as I am stuck at home with the kidsand can’t go out and see peopleNo problem – we have a brilliant social media course that will teachyou how to get lots of online customers as easy as wink
  13. 13. YOUR WEBSITE!This is your unique website, complete with online shop and distributor area.Every distributor gets one of these, and it is a very appealing site for bothcustomers and prospective distributors
  14. 14. The ShopDesigned to attract and keep customers – customer reward program, specialoffers, customer product reviews, gift wishlists, newsletter, text alerts for newproducts etc. – we do it all for you.It’s difficult not to be successful!
  15. 15. Your Home OfficeEverything is at your fingertips – your online warehouse,online auction site, commission statements, team membersperformance, free business training online, prospectcontact list, distributor forum, etc.Other major benefits:Online bookkeeping service (unique to Wikaniko)Stamp reward systemEco cleaning mini franchiseFull online social media course value £6000+We even have our own version of Moonpig cards to attract customers!Weekly online training by us, you lucky bunnies
  16. 16. Building a TeamBuild a team of distributors around thecountry and earn an override on theirperformanceThis will provide you with a rising monthly residualincome. Your team will grow exponentially.In order to receive all the commissions from your teamefforts, remember that you only need to do 36CV (about£40 a month. This can be achieved by the things youneed for yourself and your home – personal care,cleaning products, laundry products, householdproducts etc.)So you don’t need to ‘sell’ to get a great income…..
  17. 17. Income BenefitsReach the third level and your income is locked in – forlifeBequeathablePartwork plan taught, shows you how to make £12,000per month residual income after 36 months – even if80% of your team do nothing!(Lets’ say you don’t quite make it either, and only earnhalf of that – its not enough to live on, but you mightjust get by )
  18. 18. How we help youDon’t know anyone? Can’t recruit?Lead generation scheme, one in 3 – 5 will join you.Regular online business opportunity presentations in thecomfort of their homeTraining payments on top of earnings (re social mediacourse)
  19. 19. NEW PRODUCTSAlmost 60 new products!Cleaning range to suit small businesses, B&B’s, shops, domestic cleaners etc.Works out to less then 50p per bottle – fantastic reviewsHigh end product!
  20. 20. NEW PRODUCTS 2Almost 60 new products!Range of bath salts in attractive packaging
  21. 21. NEW PRODUCTS 3Complete Skin Care Ranges5 lots………….upmarket range, good commissions, excellent products
  22. 22. NEW PRODUCTS 4Almost 60 new products!Increasing the KBK mineral makeup range, adding serums etc to it.….and much much more
  23. 23. New distributor areaMove over, moonpig!
  24. 24. Distributor AreaMajor enhancements!
  25. 25. Distributor Area 2
  26. 26. Distributor Area 3
  27. 27. New Site Benefits in aNutshellLets run through them!Customer benefitsDistributor benefits
  28. 28. Major Announcement 3RecruitingCurrently £79 to join & £3.50 per monthThis is a major hurdle!
  29. 29. Starting in AprilWe will be removing all the hurdles to joiningJoin the businessStarting in April:Do not pay your monthly fee for the first 30daysDo not pay the £79 for 6 months!Cancel any time – no commitment whatsoever
  30. 30. AdvertisingAdvert Anywhere tells us:Kleeneze 1:70‘Free’ to join 1:380/20 rule –10 people pay to join, 2 people will do something100 people join for free, 20 will do somethingThis will bring in the big networkers who want to build a massivebusinessIt will also bring in networkers who find it hard to recruit!
  31. 31. TrainingStarting AprilWeekly workshops for people who want help with their business, run by Trevorand Karen.Business opportunity presentation webinars for prospectsWe will be identifying meeting presenters to hold small meetings around thecountry, from the networkers that will be coming in as a result of theenhancements………………………….
  32. 32. SummaryNow:-Do you know anyone who wants to join the best UK MLM where nobody is in the top position yet?Do you know anyone who couldn’t recruit people in a business that is FREE to join?Do you know anyone who wants to learn social media, via a £6000 course (to be decided)Do you know anyone who wants to do party plan etc., with elite ranges of prestigious products?Do you know anyone who wants to be trained by us for FREE?Do you know anyone who wants to make a lot of money?…do you know anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time?You are at the top of the pile for once in your life…………..
  33. 33. Contact MeIf you would like to help save the world and get paid for doing something worthwhile,contact me and I will help you to get started.Angela FlemingTel