Hello from Greece!!


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Hello from Greece!!

  1. 1. Hello from Greece! Our Country, Our Town, Our School
  2. 2. Let us show you our country… Greece is located on the southernmost point of the Balkan Peninsula and is flanked by 3 large bodies of water: the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. With an area of 131,940 square kilometers and a coastline of 13,676 kilometers, Greece is a land of mountains and sea.
  3. 3. The country also has more than 2,000 islands, of which 170 are inhabited.
  4. 4. Athens The capital of Greece is Athens and its population is estimated at approximately 4 million, whereas Greece has a population of approximately 11 million citizens.
  5. 5. Greece has long been known for its warm climate, scenic Mediterranean coastlines and classical and archaeological sites, dating back thousands of years to classical ancient Greece.
  6. 6. Some of the most popular Greek attractions… The Acropolis of Athens
  7. 7. The Temple of Apollo at Delphi
  8. 8. The Theatre of Epidaurus
  9. 9. The Palace of Mycenae in the Peloponnesus
  10. 10. The Palace of Knossos on the Island of Crete
  11. 11. The Meteora Monasteries in Thessaly
  12. 12. The White Tower in the city of Thessaloniki
  13. 13. These attractions, together with its beautiful and quiet islands and the renowned hospitality have made Greece one of the most beautiful places to visit.
  14. 14. The Greek Flag The Greek flag has its current form since 1822. The blue colour represents the Greek sky and sea. There are many versions about what the white colour stands for, some of which are: 1) the foam of the waves, 2) the snow of the mountaintops,3)the purity of the fighters of 1821. It consists of nine stripes, as many as the syllables of the motto of the Greek Independence struggle, “ Freedom or Death”. The Cross stands for Christianity and states the deep-rooted connection between the country and Christianity.
  15. 15. A few things about the places we live in… Oichalia
  16. 16. Oichalia OichaliaOichalia, also known as Neochori, is a small town in central Greece and it belongs to the Thessaly periphery. It has approximately 5000 residents. It is geographically set on a plain and it is naturally very green. Although there aren’t many sights to see, there are some places that really worth visiting.
  17. 17. This is the Neochoritis river. It flows through the hills behind our town.
  18. 18. Our Townhall is situated in the old primary school. It is located in the main square, where many people meet to discuss current topics.
  19. 19. And here you can see our school.
  20. 20. In our town there are also many churches and monasteries, some traditional houses and some historic buildings. There are also some big, green parks, where people and especially children spend most of their free time. In our little town, electricity and cars arrived in the 1960’s, television in the 1980’s and internet and computers arrived in the late 1990’s.
  21. 21. Well, our imaginary trip to our country has reached its end… We hope you liked our country! We our looking forward to travelling to your countries