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Christmas time in poland


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Christmas time in poland

  1. 1. Christmas Time (Boże Narodzenie) in POLAND by Gimnazjum nr 12 in Tychy
  2. 2. Waiting for Christmas In Poland Christians begin getting ready to Christmas a few weeks before. This time is called Advent.
  3. 3. Christmas Eve (wigilia) This is one of the most unique days in the Polish calendar. This is celebrated 24th December and commemorates Jesus birth. In this special evening Polish families have Christmas Eve suppers consisting of 12 fast dishes. There is usually borsch, fish or mushroom soup, fried fish (a carp), a herring in oil olive or cream, cabbage with peas, famous Polish dumplings (called pierogi  ) and several more.
  4. 4. Gift time  On Christmas Eve, after the festive supper we sing Christmas carols and glance at Christmas trees at our homes impatiently  We can’t wait to unpack the presents!!!!! When we finally get the presents we continue eating Christmas sweets and dishes, we enjoy a family atmosphere and relax for the next two days.
  5. 5. Merry Christmas After Christmas Eve there are two Christmas days off  We spend them with our friends and relatives doing only the most enjoyable activities.
  6. 6. Happy New Year On 31st December night the Poles celebrate Happy New Year. People go to parties with friends and few seconds before midnight they all count down to mark New Year’s arrival. There’s a lot of happiness, expectations and wishes to all our dreams come true soon.
  7. 7. Schoolchildren at Gimnazjum nr 12 wish you a lot of good health, happiness and luck in 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hanna Kałamaja Martyna Grzybek Wioletta Wieczorek Michalina Florek Ewelina Biela Karolina Kupień Ryszard Sieradzki Patryk Kowalski Zbigniew Staniewicz