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Celebrating "Europe Day 2011" in Greece!


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Celebrating "Europe Day 2011" in Greece!

  1. 1. Celebrating Europe Day 2011 Junior High School of Oichalia, Greece
  2. 2. On May 9th <ul><li>Students from Greece participating in the Let’s Begin by Doing eTwinning project celebrated « Europe Day 2011 » and created a giant map of Europe with all the postcards sent by their partners throughout the year!! </li></ul>
  3. 3. Creating our Map of Europe!
  4. 9. Our Map of Europe Our map was placed on a wall of our school and all of our teachers and a lot of parents came to see and admire our work! We are really proud for our creation, we loved making this giant map and celebrating Europe Day this way!
  5. 10. Our eTwinning Group
  6. 16. Thank you all!! We want to thank all our partners who sent us all those wonderful postcards and shared with us information, thoughts and ideas about their places and parts of their lives and culture!! We hope to be partners in more eTwinning projects in the future! Best wishes to all of you from your Greek partners! 