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the fact about the name of jhokan bagh

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Jhokan bagh fact

  1. 1. SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 17, 1858. 3339 ravines in pursuit. The column was under the complete a list as I can obtain of the unfortunate command of Major Hennessey, commanding the sufferers in the massacre of Jhansi, on the 8th Agra Police, arid the rapidity with which he June, 1857. executed the movement, brought him up with the rebels before the whole had time to cross 2. After the most careful enquiry, I have ascer- the Churubul. He succeeded in killing about tained that with the exception of Major Dunlop 100 of them, among whom was Kuroura SingL, and Lieutenant Taylor, who were murdered on the the owner of several villages, and a notorious parade, the whole of the parties in the accompany- rebel. ing list left the Tort of Jhansi on the afternoon of the 8th, under a promise of safety; that they pro- 4. After detaching. Major Hennessey's force, I ceeded towards the cantonment by the Orcha moved on with the main body towards Jeorah, Gate, and had reached the Jhokun Baugh, about where I was led to suppose I should meet with 400 yards from the gate, when they were stopped considerable opposition. In advancing with 25 on the roadside, under some trees. They were sowars to the right, to attack it from that direc- accompanied by a crowd of mutinous sepoys, tion, I was met by a flank fire from some match- irregular sowars, disaffected police, fanatic Mus- lockmen in front of the ravines. These were sup- selmcn, men in the service of the Ranee, inha- ported by about a hundred men in their rear, who bitants of the town, and rabble. Here Bukshis AH had taken post at a Hindoo temple, which it Jii.il Daroguh called out, "It is the Ressaldar's seemed they intended to defend. Waiting till the order that all should be killed," and immediately main body reached the opposite flank, I galloped cut down C;ipt sin Skcne, to whom he was indebted into the village, which I now found evacuated. I for his situation under Government. An indis- then directed the guns to be moved forward as far criminate slaughter of the men, women, and chil- as the ravines admitted, and some shell to be dren then commenced, all were mercilessly de- thrown.into the temple. This dispersed the men stroyed, and their bodies left strewn about the who had [assembled there, when I entered the road, where they remained until the third day, ravines with another column. We first came on when, by permission of the same Ressaldar, they the village of Khylee, which was deserted as we were all buried in two general pits close by. The approached. In passing further into the ravines, place having been marked out, and cleared with a the column encountered but little opposition. We view to the construction of an enclosing wall, the met occasionally with parties who had settled funeral service was read over the remains by the themselves in the recesses, where they evidently Reverend Mr. Schwabe, Chaplain to the Force, in expected they would remain unmolested, as they the presence of the Major-General commanding had brought out their bedding, clothing, food, &c., himself, the Staff, and the British troops. with their women and children. 3. Subsequently a service was performed by 5. The attack through these ravines was very Mr. Strickland, the Roman Catholic Chaplain laborious, on account of the necessity of keeping attached to the Force. the top of the hills crowned by our skirmishers, but it was of importance to make these rebels feel 4. I have requested the European Officer to that there are no positions which are inaccessible submit a plan snd estimate of an enclosing wall to the energy of British troops. and obelisk, which will be hereafter submitted for his Lordship's orders. 6. It is imposible to estimate the strength of the enemy, as they never .showed themselves together, I have, &c., but they must have lost about 1 GO killed; our own loss was one jemadar, of the Police Battalion, R. N. C. HAMILTON, Agent, killed. Governor-General for Central India. 7. I cannot conclude this despatch without re- porting the gallant conduct of Kasee Singh, a sepoy of the late 72nd Regiment Native Infantry, who, in a hand-to-hand encounter with the rebel chief, Kuroora Singh, showed a dextrous use of the bayonet and musket against the sword. He par- ried four successive cuts, and then dashed his No. 34. bayonet into his opponent. I beg to recommend the gallant conduct of this man to the favorable List of Europeans and Anglo-Indians murdered consideration of the Major-General for promotion at Jhansi on the. occasion of the Mutiny. to a Naick. Captain Skene, Superintendent I have, &c., Mrs. Skene ST. G. D. SHOWERS, Brigadier, 2 Female children Commanding Agra and Mnttra District. Mrs. Browne, wife of Lieutenant Browne, Deputy Commissioner, Jalom Miss Browne, his sister Captain Gordon, Deputy Commissioner of Jhansi Lieutenant Burgess, Revenue Surveyor No. 33. Lieutenant Tumbrill, Assistant Surveyor Sir R. Hamilton, Hart., Agent to the Governor - Lieutenant Powis, Assistant Surveyor for General for Central India, to G. F. Edition- Irrigation ston, Esq., Secretary to the Government of J Mrs. Powid India with the Governor-General. 1 Female child Dr. MacEgau Camp,Jhansi, April 23, 13.58. Mrs. MacEgau. SIR, No. 170. Captain Dunlop, 12th Bengal Native Infantry I HAVE the honor to forward, for submission Lieutenant Campbell, • commanding 14th to the Right Honorable the Governor-General, us Irregular Cavalry 22163 C