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биг бен

  1. 1. Big Ben 900igr.net
  2. 2. Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London The clock tower became one of the most prominent symbols of both London and England.
  3. 3. The clock was built on April 10, 1858
  4. 4. Big Ben - is not the name of the tower, it’s a 13-tonne bell that rings inside .
  5. 5. Big Ben is the only bell. Its height is 2 meters, and a diameter is almost 3 meters.
  6. 6. These clocks on the tower of the Parliament of the United Kingdom can be hear all over the world. BBC Radio microphones transmit their fight every hour .From 31 to 1 planet officially under international interim standards must enter a new year.
  7. 7. Tower height is . 61 meters (not counting the spire); clock located at a height of 55 m from the ground. With a diameter of the dial in7 meters and a length of the arrows in the 2,7 and 4,2 meters, the height of each figure - only 61 cm. Hours Are considered to be one of the world's largest
  8. 8. In Big Ben tourists are not allowed. Get on top of 96 meter tower can only by a narrow spiral staircase.334 steps lead to small open area where a legendary bell is.
  9. 9. The name Big Ben is surrounded by interesting stories. The official version: Bell named head of construction sulfur Benjamin Hola. For its impressive size foreman gave the nickname Big Ben. Another version the bell got its name from the athlete and a boxer since Queen Victoria.
  10. 10. Big Ben and its surrounding other small bells chime knock out the following words: "Through this hour God keeps me, and his strength will not allow anyone to stumble"
  11. 11. . After midnight the first blow hammer on Big Ben is exactly the same from the first second of the hour. Every 2 days mechanism is thoroughly tested and grease, counted daily temperature and pressure
  12. 12. The dials of Big Ben look at all 4 corners of the world. They are made from opal Birmingham, clockwise from cast iron, and the minutes are made of copper sheet. It is estimated that the minute arrows are for the year the total distance 190 km.
  13. 13. Big Ben - a symbol of its time. The period of greatest dawn of the country. And an inscription in Latin: "God save the Queen Victoria" - a tribute of personal respect for the monarch, in which both arose such a thing as the British Empire.
  14. 14. Big Ben has a phenomenal success both in Britain and abroad. In London there are a lot of “Little Bens”