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Abstract art1


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Abstract art1

  1. 1. Abstract art
  2. 2. What is this direction of art? Abstract art - set of directions in the Visual Arts in 20 century, which give up any images of real objects in painting, sculpture and graphics. The main aim of this art: to create certain color combinations and geometric forms, to cause the viewer a variety of associations.
  3. 3. An example of abstract art
  4. 4. Founders and the most famous abstract artists are:  V. Kandinsky  K. Malevich  P. Mondrian
  5. 5. V. Kandinsky(1866–1944) Moscow
  6. 6. K. Malevich(1879 - 1935) Black square
  7. 7. P. Mondrian(1872–1944) composition in gray, pink and blue
  8. 8. The end