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CPAN Gems From The Far East


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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CPAN Gems From The Far East

  1. 1. • Pluggable template syntax • Kolon (default) • TTerse (almost TT2 compatible) • etc• Full-Featured AND FAST! • On a simple benchmark, 158 times faster than TT2 (CACHING IS ON) • Also see Sam Graham’s Template Benchmark site•
  2. 2. • HTTP Client made for performance • 7 times faster than LWP • 4 times faster than HTTP::Lite • 33% slower than curl• Good for hitting REST APIs• Not so good for acting as a mock useragent(cookies, auth, etc)
  3. 3. • Wrapper to hot deploy network servers• Listens on port X, and acts as superdaemon• No clever tricks required. Just send it a HUP signal
  4. 4. • Better SQL::Abstract• More or less the same API• Internals are cleaner, so easier to extend
  5. 5. • Bring up mysqld instance for testing• With ease, too!• There’s also a Test::postgresql