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Builderscon tokyo 2018 speaker dinner

  1. Speaker Dinner builderscon tokyo 2018 Sep 5, 2018
  2. Welcome!
  3. 50% of you are speakers for
  4. So…
  5. What Do We Do?
  6. Eat, of course
  7. But waaaiiit
  8. Do You Know Eachother?
  9. wants you to Discover Something New
  10. Discover a New Connection
  11. DON’T BE SHY!!!! (↑a bad example)
  12. 1min Pitch
  13. I will be speaking about this super cool project… (私が話すのはこのすごい クールなプロジェクトについ てで…)
  14. I write web servers in brainf*ck, and so should you! (brainf*ckでWebサーバ を書いています。皆さん も是非やるべきです!)
  15. Later…
  16. Oh, you’re the brainf*ck person! (あ、brainf*ckの人で すね!)
  17. Volunteer to speak, or we will randomly call you up on stage :) (登壇者は自らステージにあがっていただくか、後ほどこちらからランダムに選びます)
  18. BTW
  19. You are not alone
  20. Sponsors
  21. #builderscon tweets, photos, blogs, etc…
  22. electronic badge free giveaway later
  23. electronic badge free giveaway later
  24. LULU Tapas Bar
  25. Enjoy!