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The Main Attraction Marketing cc - The Event & Marketing Specialists


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The Main Attraction Marketing CC - Event & Marketing Specialists
The Main Attractions primary mission is to provide top quality unrivaled products & services within the marketing industry. We are truly passionate about the brands we represent and take great care in providing a superior service to our clients.

It is a fundamental principle in our company to build relationships with our clients that allow us to understand their business and to be the best service provider ensuring that all our clients have peace of mind and are guaranteed that all their expectations are fulfilled.
Company Overview
The Main Attraction Marketing CC is an events and through-the-line marketing management company that provides the highest quality of events and brand marketing campaign solutions.

We are a marketing and events company that is willing to go the extra mile, offering a top quality service without compromise.

The Main Attraction is a pulsating, energetic, innovative & out-of-the-box thinking agency which always exceeds expectations.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our open approach to any eventing idea. No Event is too big or small and we believe that anything is possible.

The Main Attraction takes control of the entire event process from conceptualization through to implementation.
We handle the event management of your entire function, while keeping you informed every step of the way. However, should you only need us to manage part of the event we will gladly do so.

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The Main Attraction Marketing cc - The Event & Marketing Specialists

  1. 1. was established in 2009 by Lester Scheepmaker who saw a gap for a marketing and promotions company that was willing to go the extra mile, offering a top quality service without compromise. The fuel that drives the team is energy and passion.
  2. 2. • You’ve invested millions in advertising your brand, you’ve generated consumer interest… but at the end of the day how prominent is your brand at the point of purchase? • At The Main Attraction we understand that the success of any campaign depends heavily on the staff chosen to represent it.
  3. 3. •In-store •Campuses •Shopping centre forecourts •Educational venues •Beaches •Petrol stations •Sporting events •Clubs •Restaurants •Airports •Taxi-ranks •Conference centres •Gyms •Guerrilla marketing •Wine Farms •Special Events •Product Launches •Bars •Fast food Restaurants •Cinemas •Concerts
  4. 4. • Brand/product launch • Brand/product maintenance • Branding material and promotional items and gifts • Corporate clothing • Videography/photography • In-store promotions • Forecourt promotions • Occasion promotions • Venue specific promotions (beach, campus, etc.) • Date specific promotions (Spring Day, Women’s Day) We pride ourselves in offering our clients fresh, out-of-the-box, creative concepts that will ensure your brand stands out in an extremely cluttered marketing environment, from conceptualization through to implementation.
  5. 5.  Extensive brand research  Development of objective achieving creative concepts  Conduct relevant focus groups  Full development, campaign roll out and management  Rate negotiations  Promotional gifts and clothing  Marketing and PR for the campaign  Post campaign evaluation
  6. 6. I have been working closely with Lester Scheepmaker for the past year now and in that time have had nothing but the most professional and thorough service from them. The team that works at The Main Attraction are passionate, determined, knowledgeable and always very helpful, they go that extra mile, which is a rare quality these days. Not only does The Main Attraction develop the most creative and innovative concepts for launch and promotional strategies but they actually manage to implement and execute them flawlessly, always exceeding my expectations. It is always such a pleasure working with a company who take the time to understand the brands they are dealing with and never compromise on that brand’s equity.