Rise program makes new scientists


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Rise program makes new scientists

  1. 1. Lester J. Rosario RISE Program Makes New Scientists Being a scientist is not a thing that you can easily achieve. It requires a lot of workand sacrifice. Today, many good graduated researchers have, at least, a life backgroundthat may include research experience or participation in a research program during theiryears as undergraduate students. These previous experiences are very helpful because itmakes them to be familiar with their future professions in advance. An example of theseexperiences is the RISE Program. RISE is an innovative program that helps studentscoming from high school to have an idea of what a scientist really is and what work itinvolves. Here you learn about the different methods researchers use to investigate and tocontribute to the science and to the world itself. First of all, RISE Program helps people to think creatively. This is evidenced withthe proposal I made in the summer, which required creativity in order to make it well. HereI looked for a theme of potential new research and gathered a lot of information about thetopic. Then, I established a hypothesis, proposed a methodology, and explained my goalsand projections. By doing this, I understood how scientists propose topics for research.Also, I learned how to present and defend successfully a proposal in front of otherresearchers. RISE Program makes you to be familiar with scientific literature. All the scientistsneed to appeal to background information when they are performing a research because ithelps them to know things about their topics. In this program, I was taught to accessscientific databases in order to read primary and secondary scientific articles. In addition, Iwas able to make annotated bibliographies and a review paper basing on primary articlelectures. Nonetheless, I learned how to organize this paper successfully and how to make itattractive to readers. Finally, this program brings you the opportunity to work in laboratory, usingdifferent techniques. Researchers spend most of their time of work in labs. RISE Programprepared me to so by giving me the opportunity to experience laboratory work. Here Ilearned a lot of techniques that I might be using in my summer research experiences andalso in my career as a scientist. This knowledge will help me to perform a better work inthe future, and the experience will help me to get used to laboratory work. As a result, Icould be a good researcher. In conclusion, RISE Program helps students in their development as youngscientists. All the different courses and techniques this program offers, contribute to thescience community by preparing and releasing new potential scientists. This action isbeneficial to the world because these people could make the society to understand things
  2. 2. Lester J. Rosariothat aren’t understood yet, or they can even resolve the most concerning issues. That’s whyI recommend this program.