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Nano workshop 2010


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Nano workshop 2010

  1. 1. Nano Workshop By Jesus and Ivonne This second workshop was the best I had in the literature course of RISE Program. Itwas about nanotechnology; the study of controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.Nanotechnology deals with structures between 1 to 100 nanometer, and their findings havecontributed greatly to the developing of our technology. In this seminar, I learned aboutmicrofuidics, a field that develops miniaturized technologies for manipulating the flow andreaction of small amounts of fluids. Today, the efforts of this technology are being made tointegrate an entire laboratory’s worth of analytical instrumentation onto a single chip to producea “lab on a chip” . I also learned about Photolithography. This technique is used to createpatterns for chips, and it includes: E-beam Lithography, Optical Lithography, Top bottomapproach, and Bottom up approach. In the lab, I put into practice my new knowledge and madea Jell-O chip. The purpose was to learn how chips are made, but using cheap materials. Mychip had the shape of a frog, and I enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot.Questions:1. What could be the negative effects of the “lab on a chip”? If there is any.2. Could the adding of multiple chambers to a chip reduce in some way the chip’seffectiveness?3. Is it possible to make a chip that could diagnose many diseases in humans with a simpledrop of blood?