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Biobehavioral Influences on Cancer Growth and Progression


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Biobehavioral Influences on Cancer Growth and Progression

  1. 1. Seminar-Biobehavioral Influences on Cancer Growth and Progression By Dr. Guillermo Armaiz In this seminar, Dr. Guillermo Armaiz discussed how psychological factors such asstress, chronic depression, and lack of social support might promote tumor growth andprogression. There are several problems attributed to behavioral influences, and many times weignore that. Under chronic stress, the activation of pathways to fight stress negatively affectsmost organs because they are under extended exposure. Other behaviors associated withhealth problems are the suppression of negative emotions, feelings of hopelessness, anddenial. I learned that short-term stress, for example, being in a fight or taking a test, is notharmful for our health. It is only when it is present for a long period of time that it is damaging(chronic stress). Cancer initiation and metastasis was also discussed in this seminar. I learnedhow cancer really works, how social problems might promote tumor growth and progressionbecause of the stress hormones, and how the B-blockers have been shown to abrogate manystress effects on malignant tumor growth.Questions: 1. Why did the research group work with ovarian cancer? 2. Where does ovarian cancer metastases? How is the chemical environment in that places? 3. How are people treated with B-blockers?