Minacs’ Speech Analytics Solutions:
Using “Voice of the Customer”
to Guide Business Direction

M      inacs’ speech analy...
Minacs’ Speech Analytics Solutions:
Using “Voice of the Customer” to Guide Business Direction
Improve First-Call
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Minacs Speech Analytics


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Minacs Speech Analytics

  1. 1. Minacs’ Speech Analytics Solutions: Using “Voice of the Customer” to Guide Business Direction M inacs’ speech analytics solutions automate listening and reviewing recorded calls at lightening speed!” This technology can deliver superior value by mining the untapped wealth of information that lies buried in thousands of hours Improve Customer Experience of unstructured recorded call data. This information provides important business intelligence that can be used to improve Analyze Causes of Customer Calls and Call Spikes operational e ciency and customer experience, streamlining Identify and address de ciencies in product, documentation, contact center processes and boosting agent performance. customer training, or other systems that are driving higher call Our solutions provide bene ts in: rates. Fine tune your internal training. • Business process integration Control Cost of Service • Continuous improvement Identify and isolate high-cost service • Cultural integration calls and analyze agent-customer interactions to improve agent • Standards enforcement performance, identify training issues, • Systems integration and expose procedural ine ciencies. Enhance the service experience. Understand and Reduce Customer Legal/Compliance Dissatisfaction Use Cases Identify dissatis ed callers, and then group calls into speci c causes of Use speech analytics to strictly discontent. Turn unhappy customers into adhere to legal regulations: loyal and positive references. • Customer identity protection Customer Retention • Standards and regulation Identify and group calls based on enforcement marketing or retention o ers discussed. • E-discovery compliance Spot missed opportunities, gauge customer reaction to special o ers, and compare various strategies. Make informed pricing adjustments and tune Multilingual Support agent training to improve customer retention. Minacs’ speech analytics solutions support more than 33 languages, including Dutch, English (North American), English (UK), German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish (Latin American). Enhance Market & Business Intelligence Key Advantages Analyze Consumer Reaction/Acceptance • Reduce costly calls and focus agent involvement Get immediate access to valuable information contained in call • Accurately assess call-handling metrics recordings and isolate calls on any problems with new or recently • Meet compliance standards changed products. • Adhere to audit standard and government regulations Analyze Marketing Campaign E ectiveness • Maximize value per contact in terms of up-sell and cross-sell success Isolate and drill down to calls where customers expressed • Reduce costly turnover through targeted training and coaching either speci c satisfaction (great pricing, helpful information) or dissatisfaction (o er wasn’t clear, terms were not attractive) with the campaign. Hear the customer’s voice. Improve Operational Efficiency Ensure processes in the contact center are e cient, streamlined, and consistent. Achieve process improvement by identifying issues, measuring the current state, determining the change required, implementing new processes, conducting regular checks, and measuring success. Monitor how new guidelines are being followed and how well they are working. 0209
  2. 2. Minacs’ Speech Analytics Solutions: Using “Voice of the Customer” to Guide Business Direction Improve First-Call Resolution Rate Management challenge: Ineffective call-handling tools may limit an agent’s ability to close issues efficiently. Identify the key contributors to resolve the issues and then test the effectiveness of the solution. Speech analytics application: A speech analytics solution quickly categorizes calls based on these criteria, immediately reports on repeat calls, and quantifies the percentage of customers calling more than once to resolve an issue. This data can be used to understand why calls are transferred; whether it is a warm or cold transfer; and whether a correlation exists. Minimize Agent Interaction Management challenge: Live-agent interactions are the most expensive resource for handling customer issues. No matter how clear the documentation or other information provided, customers will still need a way to contact the company. Deflecting calls as appropriate from a live agent to a less expensive medium, such as online help or an interactive voice response (IVR) system, can help minimize the cost of these contacts. Speech analytics application: Customer survey initiatives and call monitoring can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not result in identifying a pattern. Our solutions enable our clients to identify and prioritize call drivers in order to focus call reduction efforts. Improve Up-Sell Results Speech analytics application: Management challenge: Our speech analytics solution can categorize calls to determine Every customer contact is an opportunity. For contact centers whose which up-sell attempts were successful, and then correlate primary function is sales, successful up-selling can significantly improve these with specific agents and products or offers. the return on investment. Measuring and tuning up-selling efforts can be Targeted listening further helps clients understand the critical to improving overall profitability. approaches, facilitating informed adjustments. About Minacs A s a leading provider of customized business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, Minacs is focused on four core areas of capability: customer relationship management, integrated marketing services, knowledge and process outsourcing, and IT solutions and services. We combine our expertise in these areas to improve revenue, customer service, and operating margin for our clients. Minacs has 13,000 employees operating from locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. We have established successful industry practices with clients in the manufacturing/automotive, financial services, insurance, telecom, and technology verticals. For more information, please visit www.minacs.adityabirla.com . Contact Us Contact us for a complimentary demonstration and consultation and to find out how Minacs uses the power of technology to transform contact center businesses. Maurice Da Silva, Executive Director, Technical Services Phone: 905.440.7635 Mobile: 905.999.1171 Email: maurice.dasilva@minacs.adityabirla.com Website: www.minacs.adityabirla.com